Offtrack Cruising – a trend with an ever growing number of followers. Simply step outside and enjoy the winter experience from your very own doorstep as soon as there is 8 to 10 cm of snow. After all, winter is too short and the passion for exercise is too big to wait longer! With specially developed equipment and far-reaching skiing performance, fitness enthusiasts will also get the full benefit of the great outdoors in winter, too.
Skis that turn easily for good downhill performances and can also glide effortlessly over ungroomed terrain and, thanks to Offtrack Crown, also give you reliable kick when you leave the tracks. Professional snow protection on the boot and Wool Lining keep your feet warm and dry if you decide to stay out longer. The optimum Offtrack Cruising package also features special poles with larger baskets and a new grip – because you never know where the next journey may take you.
The true Offtrack Cruiser is driven by a passion for discovery, finding your own routes away from existing trails and with endless possibilities. And you can now share these with others on fischersports.com. With the new redesign of the Offtrack Cruising Portal, Fischer makes it possible for any Offtrack enthusiasts to exchange their tours and experiences with others. The aim here is to share your own tours, impressions and experiences with other portal visitors and users quickly and conveniently, without any special knowledge required. Starting with easy, well described tours up to complex excursions with altitude profile and GPX tracks.

And using it is easy, too: simply connect your outdoor navigation device or GPX compatible mobile phone to the PC, download the GPX data free of charge and you are all set to enjoy the outdoor experience. Fields such as start coordinates, total distance and difference in altitude are added automatically via a GPX track which is uploaded when the tour is entered. Only a couple more steps are necessary and the tour is complete. Tours which have been created can be edited in a matter of seconds. With this package Fischer has the perfect solution so all adventurers can savour the boundless freedom and unspoilt surroundings without a care in the world.