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© Timo Palo
© Timo Palo
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Two polar explorers stepped on land in Longyearbyen (the biggest settlement in Svalbard archipelago) at 3rd of July 2012 and completed their 72 days and 1600 kilometers long journey across the Arctic Ocean started from the North Pole. Timo Palo from Estonia and Audun Tholfsen from Norway wrote after their expedition about the E99 Crown – the skis which took them back from North Pole to the civilisation:
“Our expedition was motivated by the epic return journey of Fridtjof Nansen and Hjalmar Johansen in 1895, who after leaving their icebound ship and unsuccessful North Pole attempt returned back to the civilisation.
Moving on skies and kayaks on a challenging route, we did it first time from pole to Svalbard without resupplies and dogs. Fischer Backcountry skies E99 Crown were used on the expedition.
Arctic Ocean sets high demands on the gear. It is part of your comfort and safety what has to be chosen with a greatest care. Since early times polar explorers have been appreciate their skies. In ‘frozen world’ skies mean your ability of making a good progress.

Our journey turned out to have rather challenging conditions. Surface conditions of sea ice were partly very rough. What our skies went through is remarkable and somehow unbelievable. We had to come across the leads and openings, pressurized ice fields and huge ice blocks. Pulling heavy loads through the soft and thick snow or across the pressure ridges puts major force on skies. These times you feel little scared that your skies will brake in any moment. The scariest part is indeed walking on the pressurized ice field. There you have to pay full attention do not break your legs neither your gear.
Without the skies in the Arctic Ocean you are more or less done with your journey. It is hard to imagine how we could have survived last part of the trip where sea ice was thin and melting fast. On the rotten summer sea ice skies were only way to walk. They give you much wider surface to stand on. Every time when we took them off we put legs through the ice or slushy snow. We even didn’t dare to take them off while having a break.

Our skies were completely beyond our expectations! If you have one major thing less to worry about, then it means more comfort, safety, less stress and worries.“