The working week in the office got longer and longer and was threatening to turn into a "home office weekend". My spirits liven up, however, as soon as I take a look out of the window on Saturday morning, although mind and body are crying out for more sleep. It's been snowing – and it's cold outside. The last of the grey snow clouds are passing over me and a quick look at the weather report and various webcams is extremely promising. Looks as though it's going to be a fantastic winter's day. Piste or track, which one is it to be?
I listen to the traffic news on the radio while I have breakfast and the traffic jams as people head to the ski slopes are a sobering thought. The tiredness from the working week starts to make its way into my limbs again, together with my bad conscience because of the mountains of work that still await me. The inner yearning for some time off, however, is stronger, and I make myself a very special appointment for the weekend: a tour in unspoilt surroundings, away from the groomed tracks, cleared winter trails and marked routes.
A quick look at Fischer's Offtrack Portal shows me where I can put on my Offtrack skis virtually as soon as I step outside and set off into the magnificent winter countryside. I can feel the first endorphins surge through me as soon as I step onto my "Spider 62" skis on the edge of the woods, just a short distance away from the road. I'm the first one to step on the blanket of snow that covers this field today. Airy powder snow crunches beneath my steps. Besides this noise you could hear a pin drop as I enter into this glittering and sparkling landscape of woods and fields.
The landscape has changed overnight. Millions of snow and ice crystals shimmer in the sunlight through the pure, clean air. The trees with their fresh winter robes look like marvellous magical figures. Steam rises from the stream as it winds its way through the woods. Lost in thought, I leave my marks in the snow, step-by-step, gliding across small dips. I let the beauty of the great outdoors be my guide. No clear destination, no distance markings, no sporting ambitions drive me. I become completely calm and all I can hear is my breathing and my heartbeat. This is balm for the soul. This is the feeling of freedom. Gradually unwinding and being at one with the outdoors. And recharging those batteries for everyday life in the process.
My equipment is built specifically for winter enthusiasts, from the materials to the design, and stands out not only through high performance but also through a fashion statement. My rubber-soled boots with integrated nylon gaiters and insulating wool layers keep my feet warm and dry. My sturdy poles with the large baskets stop me from sinking into the deep snow. The Nordic Rocker construction of my Offtrack Cruising skis ensures that the shovel sections of my skis always float lightly on the top layer of the snow and do not dig themselves into the snow. This is what makes Offtrack Cruising so enjoyable. 
My confidence grows step-by-step and with every metre I climb during the tour thanks to the manoeuvrability and the steel edges of my Spider 62s. I venture out onto the first steeper slope. Two or three turns are all I need and I know I can rely on my equipment. I cross the steepest section of the slope, however, using the good old "kick turn" technique. Then it's time for a small schuss section which I let run out on the other side of the slope. I'm back to where I started off, batteries recharged and one happy skier.

Author Noe Noack is a passionate cross country skier from Munich / Altötting (GER).

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