True or false? "The saying is as true as it is old – providing you take into account a couple of fundamental things," explains Dr. Bernd Wolfarth, senior physician of the German Ski Federation. He then goes into more detail.
"Doing sport is in. Performance-oriented recreational sport in particular is truly booming. The increasing numbers of people participating in marathons in skiing, running and also cycling are proof of this new, active trend in society." But even away from the stopwatches, regular exercise is a key element of life outside work for a healthier and thus a higher quality of life.

People are very aware of the positive aspects of endurance sport in this respect. Cross country skiing is top of the list when it comes to endurance sports in winter. Exercising in the great outdoors with the narrow skis is good not only for the body but also for the soul. Some 90% of the body's muscles are in action. The cardiovascular system is given a really good workout in accordance with the intensity of the exercise. Over 500 calories are burned off per hour, seemingly without any effort, just like snow melting away in the springtime sun. Together with the mental relaxation while gliding at the same time through the winter countryside, it is also balm for the soul. What more could you ask for?

"Besides the positive psychological aspects and the positive impact on the cardiovascular system, this form of exercise is also kind to the joints. The injury risk that remains is so negligible that, as a physician, I would never hesitate to recommend cross country skiing," adds Dr. Bernd Wolfarth. "Having said that, however, people should get the green light from the doctor before taking up any regular form of exercise." This doesn't necessarily have to be at a special institute, you can also see a GP who has the additional qualification to carry out such physical examinations for sport or an internist. "For people over the age of 35 this should certainly include an exercise ECG and an orthopaedic examination to make sure everything is as it should be," explains the ski association physician, who is also the chief physician for the German Olympic Sport Federation.

If the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems are healthy then all you need is the right equipment to enjoy your sport safely and healthily. Exercise enthusiasts will find the right equipment for them at sports retailers. Whether you are a novice, come from a different sport or are an ambitious sports enthusiast, Fischer's extensive product portfolio with its wide range of models has just what you are looking for. In order to guarantee maximum enjoyment when you are out on the tracks we recommend you choose the ski length according to body weight. The boot has to be compatible with the binding system and the heel should fit comfortably without any play. Pole length is based on the height of the skier and according to which technique is used: in skating it is 90% of skier height whereas in classic it is 85%. You should wear one layer less of clothing than you would do for a winter walk. To stay healthy, however, make sure you always use gloves and headwear!
Well prepared and with the right equipment you are all set for the perfect cross country experience and a winter's day to remember, with snow wherever you look and sun to make it sparkle.