Tarjei & Johannes Thingnes Bø (NOR)


News from the biathlon world: as Tarjei and Johannes Thingnes Bø (NOR) have been successful on skis from Fischer for years now, the two brothers have decided to place their trust in boots from the Nordic number one as well in future.
Tarjei Bø, the older of the two Bø brothers, drew attention to himself particularly in the 2010l11 season when, to people's surprise, he clinched two World Cup victories in Hochfilzen at the beginning of the season and then went on to become the youngest male overall World Cup winner in biathlon at the end. He now has nine World Championship medals and an Olympic gold medal to his name. His brother Johannes Thingnes Bø is five years younger and regarded in expert circles as an even bigger talent, which was underlined by his hat-trick of three World Cup victories in a row at the end of the season in Kontiolahti (FIN).
System for perfect ski feeling
Tarjei Bø decided to change equipment back at the Olympic Games in Sochi while Johannes Thingnes Bø took the opportunity to carry out extensive tests at the end of the season. The final decision has now been made: the brotherly duo will be relying on the complete ski and boot system from Fischer from now on. "The skis and the boots are perfectly tuned to each other. This is extremely important for a good ski feeling," is how both Johannes and Tarjei see it. "If we want to optimise this ski feeling even further in the future, the best way is for both the skis and the boots to come from one company." Tarjei Bø adds: "I changed because I wanted to have the best boot. When I tried the Fischer skating boot the first time I knew straight away that it is a step in the right direction."
Gerhard Urain, Nordic Racing Director at Fischer, is delighted about how the boot team is growing: "Seeing as we have worked together with both athletes so well and so successfully with skis for so many years we are extremely happy that they have now decided in favour of our ski and boot system. It proves to us that the work we put into boot development and service is a good investment."