A few observant people already noticed it during the current season and now it is official: Petter Northug (NOR) is racing not only with Fischer skis, he now uses boots from the Nordic number one, too.
Even though this season has not always gone to plan for Petter Northug, the final result with seventh place in the overall World Cup is no mean feat. Knowing the two-times overall winner of the World Cup, he is already working meticulously on preparations for the next season. And the accent will be on 'attack'.
"I've worked as a professional cross country skier together with Fischer on skis for all these years and I am very satisfied with the quality of the skis and the professional service team. When I tested the new boots from Fischer I decided to use Fischer boots as well in racing and I am convinced that this was the right decision. No doubt about it!" says the outstanding Norwegian athlete.
The perfect combination
What impresses the 28-year-old most about the skating boot is "the stability, the fit and the light weight," whereas he appreciates the "feeling of closeness to the skis and the surface" with the classic model. "I didn't have to make any changes at all to my technique. Plus the service crew at Fischer is fantastic and they have a lot of know-how. It's a perfect match," says Northug, optimistic about the future.
Fischer is also convinced that this is a perfect match. "Petter is a key athlete for us, together with others. He is a meticulous worker and details and perfect service are important to him. This is why we are delighted that he has now decided in favour of the ski and boot system," says Gerhard Urain, Nordic Racing Director at Fischer. "It shows us that the work we put into boot development and service is worthwhile."