Thomas Morgenstern (AUT)
Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT)
Kamil Stoch (POL)


Thomas Morgenstern (AUT, Fischer) continued his winning streak in Zakopane (POL). He claimed victory in the third competition in a row ahead of his team and brand mate Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT, Fischer) and the local hero Kamil Stoch (POL, Fischer) again.
Thomas Morgenstern was in second position after 125.5 meters in the first round. 128 meter in the final then meant his  third victory in a row. The winner happy: " I'm really satisfied, this was a good competition. I'm working really hard and I feel good, technically and physically."

Thanks to jumps off 126 and 128.5 meters Gregor Schlierenzauer ensured second place just the margin of 0.7 points behind him and was likewise contented: "I always have a good feeling here, it's my favorite hill. I'm really happy I had such a good start of the summer season."

Atfer having a bad day in the team competition yesterday, Kamil Stoch showed a strong performance with 127 and 123.5 meters and took third place again.

With Maciej Kot (POL, Fischer), Vladimir Zografski (BUL, Fischer), Richard Freitag (GER, Fischer), Krzysztof Mietus (POL, Fischer), who was in the lead after the first round, and Severin Freund (GER, Fischer) in fourth to eighth place a further five Fischer eagles succeeded in the leading group.
Sommer Grand Prix Zakopane (POL) HS134:
1. Thomas Morgenstern
AUT 125.5
2. Gregor Schlierenzauer
AUT 126.0
3. Kamil Stoch
POL 127.0
4. Maciej Kot
POL 132.5
5. Vladimir Zografski
BUL 132.5
6. Richard Freitag
GER 129.5
7. Krzysztof Mietus
POL 133.5
8. Severin Freund
GER 126.0
10. Pavel Karelin
RUS 116.0
11. Jakub Janda
CZE 126.0
12. Tom Hilde
NOR 121.5
13. Lukas Hlava
CZE 122.5
14. Taku Takeuchi
JPN 120.5