Marinus Kraus (GER), Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT), Thomas Morgenstern (AUT) (l-r)
Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT)
Marinus Kraus (GER)
Marinus Kraus (GER)
Severin Freund (GER)
Noriaki Kasai (JPN)


Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT, Fischer) celebrated victory in individual event in Kuusamo. The Austrian sent Marinus Kraus (GER, Fischer) and Thomas Morgenstern (AUT, Fischer) to the following podium spots.
From 15 to 1
Also surprisingly for himself Gregor Schlierenzauer succeeded in the first World Cup event in Kuusamo. The Austrian who already started with bib 19 into today's qualification after his abandonment in Klingenthal suffered a setback in the first round: Only spot 15 after a short 128.5 metre jump - to make a podium seemed to be nearly impossible. But Schlierenzauer never gave up and showed a great jump at 143 metres in the final round. Therefor he gained on spot by spot and shaked his head with a big smile after there were just three athletes to come. The Austrian left these three opponents behind and celebrated his 51st World Cup win. Second went to the German newcomer Marinus Kraus who showed solid strong performances in Klingenthal and Kuusamo. The 21-year-old was in the lead after the first round and 136 metres and confirmed his shape with 133 metres in the final. Thomas Morgenstern came in third and moved from nine to three in the final round. Rune Velta (NOR, Fischer) finished fourth followed by Noriaki Kasai (JPN, Fischer) and Robert Kranjec (SLO, Fischer) as well as Severin Freund (GER, Fischer) who was tied. Dimitry Vassiliev (RUS, Fischer) came in eighth ahead of Taku Takeuchi (JPN, Fischer) and Kamil Stoch (POL, Fischer).

HS142, Kuusamo (FIN):
1. Gregor Schlierenzauer
AUT 128.5 143 273.2
2. Marinus Kraus
GER 136 133 272.7
3. Thomas Morgenstern
AUT 127.5 133.5 272.3
4. Rune Velta
NOR 133 130.5 269.2
5. Noriaki Kasai
JPN 133 132 268.6
6. Robert Kranjec
SLO 126.5 136 266.5
6. Severin Freund
GER 137 126.5 266.5
8. Dimitry Vassiliev
RUS 128.5 132.5 262.9
9. Taku Takeuchi
JPN 133.5 131.5 261.5
10. Kamil Stoch
POL 126.5 129 259.1
11. Daiki Ito
JPN 138.5 127.5 257.7
12. Peter Prevc
SLO 128 126 255.5
13. Robert Johansson
NOR 140.5 119 252.6
14. Karl Geiger
GER 125 127.5 251.2
15. Andreas Wellinger
GER 124 132.5 251