Severin Freund (GER)
Severin Freund (GER), Peter Prevc (SLO), Anders Bardal (NOR) (l-r)
Severin Freund (GER)
Anders Bardal (NOR)
Kamil Stoch (POL)
Kamil Stoch (POL)
Bjoern Einar Romoeren (NOR)


Severin Freund (GER, Fischer) came in second in the final event of skijumping World Cup season in Planica valley (SLO). Anders Bardal (NOR, Fischer) made a podium.
Anew victory missed shortly
Severin Freund shortly missed another victory in last season's event in the valley of jumping hills in Planica while it was raning cats and dogs. With a disadvantage of three points he was beaten by local hero Peter Prevc (SLO). In the final round he equalled the former hill record with 141 metres after being fourth after the first round but the Slovenian jumped one metre longer and captured today's victory. Thus Freund dropped back in the overall World Cupranking behind the Slovenian again. "I showed a great jump and he was able to reply. But for both of us a podium spot is very nice. If you finish second or third in overall ranking, that doesn't matter. When he is able reply with such a good jump, I must ungrundgingly acknowledge that he deserved it", Severin Freund said. After two times bad luck in the last two competitions the luck was on Anders Bardal's side today: Wit a advantage of 0.1 points he secured third spot in today's event ahead of overall World Cup Champion Kamil Stoch (POL, Fischer). Noriaki Kasai (JPN, Fischer) finished his winter on fifth spot followed by Andreas Kofler (AUT, Fischer) and Andreas Stjernen (NOR, Fischer). Eighth went to Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT, Fischer) ahead of his compatriot Stefan Kraft (AUT, Fischer) and Jernej Damjan (SLO, Fischer).
HS139, Planica (SLO):
1. Peter Prevc
SLO 136 142 283.7
2. Severin Freund
GER 136 141 280.8
3. Anders Bardal
NOR 138.5 136.5 278.5
4. Kamil Stoch
POL 139 136 278.4
5. Noriaki Kasai
JPN 134.5 133 267.8
6. Andreas Kofler
AUT 133.5 134.5 262.9
7. Andreas Stjernen
NOR 134 135.5 261.1
8. Gregor Schlierenzauer
AUT 136 132.5 261
9. Stefan Kraft
AUT 133 134.5 258.2
10. Jernej Damjan
SLO 132 133 257.7
11. Anders Fannemel
NOR 137.5 132 256.5
12. Thomas Diethart
AUT 133 132 253.5
13. Piotr Zyla
POL 132 130.5 250.9
14. Michael Hayböck
AUT 134.5 125 248.6
15. Maciej Kot
POL 133 128 246.4