Severin Freund (GER)
Anders Bardal (NOR)
Kamil Stoch (POL)
Noriaki Kasai (JPN)
Kaarel Nurmsalu (EST)
Roman Koudelka (CZE)
Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT)
Severin Freund (GER)


Severin Freund (GER, Fischer) celebrated another World Cup win at ski jumping World Cup on Holmenkollen. Anders Bardal (NOR, Fischer) came in second ahead of Kamil Stoch (POL, Fischer).
Severin Freund continued on his high
"To win on Holmenkollen is something special. Already at the World Champs some years ago I noticed it is a special place. At the end of my jump I lost my ski a bit because the wind was gone in both rounds but in general it were two more or less good jumps", Severin Freund stated after his jumps at 132 and 130.5 metres which were the longest jumps in both rounds. With this result he left Anders Bardal 13 points behind, Kamil Stoch was even 20 points back. But the overall World Cup ranking is more or less safe for the Pole now, his rival Peter Prevc (SLO) became only eleventh. Noriaki Kasai (JPN, Fischer) missed the podium shortly, Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT, Fischer) was ranked fifth followed by Kaarel Nurmsalu (EST, Fischer). Roman Koudelka (CZE, Fischer) convinced his rising shape again and sent Stefan Kraft (AUT, Fischer) and Jakub Janda (CZE, Fischer) to spots eight and nine.
HS134, Oslo (NOR):
1. Severin Freund
GER 132 130.5 265.4
2. Anders Bardal
NOR 128 127 252.1
3. Kamil Stoch
POL 132 127 245.4
4. Noriaki Kasai
JPN 125 127 244.1
5. Gregor Schlierenzauer
AUT 123.5 125.5 241.7
6. Kaarel Nurmsalu
EST 129 123 241.4
7. Roman Koudelka
CZE 130.5 124.5 240.1
8. Stefan Kraft
AUT 125 127 240
9. Jakub Janda
CZE 122.5 126.5 238.6
10. Anssi Koivuranta
FIN 124 131.5 238.4
11. Peter Prevc
SLO 122.5 130 237.6
12. Thomas Diethart
AUT 125 125 234.4
13. Tom Hilde
NOR 127 124.5 234.2
14. Simon Ammann
SUI 122 126.5 234
15. Manuel Fettner
AUT 125 129 233.8