Johannes Rydzek (GER)
Akito Watabe (JPN), Johannes Rydzek (GER), Eric Frenzel (GER) (l-r)
Akito Watabe (JPN)
Eric Frenzel (GER)
Fabian Riessle (GER)
Joergen Graabak (NOR)
Alessandro Pittin (ITA)
Björn Kircheisen (GER)


Johannes Rydzek (GER, Fischer skis and boots) secured his second ever World Cup triumph in nordic combined World Cup in Lahti. Second went to Akito Watabe (JPN, Fischer skis and boots) ahed of Eric Frenzel (GER, Fischer skis and boots).
Second carreer's success in Lahti
Johannes Rydzek was able to succeed in Lahti Ski Games for the second time in his life - his first success he realized three years ago in Lahti as well. The German started 26 seconds behind from fourth spot into today's cross-country race and caught up along with Eric Frenzel and Austria's Bieler (AUT) the best jumper Denifl (AUT) already after four kilometres. In the downhill towards the stadium after five kilometres he opened a gap for the first time, soon he skied up and away. At this moment Akito Watabe was able to close the gap against group of Frenzel, shortly after he escaped and finished second behind Rydzek. Eric Frenzel came in third. Fabian Riessle (GER, Fischer skis and boots) was ranked sixth followed by Jørgen Gråbak (NOR, Fischer) and Sepp Schneider (AUT, Fischer). Alessandro Pittin (ITA, Fischer skis and boots) finished ninth ahead of Björn Kircheisen (GER, Fischer skis and boots).
HS130/10km, Lahti (FIN):
1. Johannes Rydzek
GER 00.24.27,80
2. Akito Watabe
JPN 00.24.34,80
3. Eric Frenzel
GER 00.24.48,40
4. Tino Edelmann
GER 00.24.48,40
5. Christoph Bieler
AUT 00.25.14,50
6. Fabian Rießle
GER 00.25.32,60
7. Jørgen Gråbak
NOR 00.25.33,50
8. Sepp Schneider
AUT 00.25.33,80
9. Alessandro Pittin
ITA 00.25.34,30
10. Björn Kircheisen
GER 00.25.34,80
11. Francois Braud
FRA 00.25.36,10
12. Håvard Klemetsen
NOR 00.25.43,50
13. Wilhelm Denifl
AUT 00.25.45,40
14. Jan Schmid
NOR 00.25.52,80
15. Miroslav Dvorak
CZE 00.25.52,90