Eric Frenzel (GER)
Akito Watabe (JPN), Eric Frenzel (GER), Magnus Krog (NOR) (l-r)
Akito Watabe (JPN), Eric Frenzel (GER), Magnus Krog (NOR) (l-r)
Akito Watabe (JPN)
Magnus Krog (NOR)


Eric Frenzel (GER) celebrated his first Olympic gold medal at normal hill in Sochi. The Saxon sent Akito Watabe (JPN) to silver spot. In the final sprint of the chasing group Magnus Krog (NOR) secured bronce.
Eric Frenzel king of nordic combined
Eric Frenzel is one of the best athletes ever in nordic combined. In today's event at normal hill he crowned himself with Olympic title: He is one of the few athletes who made it to succeed in overall World Cup ranking and become World Champion as well as Olympic Champion. After a great jump Frenzel started first into cross-country race, six seconds ahead of Akito Watabe. In the first lap he waited for the Japanese so that they could work together up to the end of the race. At the last uphill before the stadium Frenzel tried to attack but he wasn't able to overtake the Japanese. A few metres later he made it and his opponent gave in and didn't really offer resistance. "My tactic was to keep the chasers behind and attack before the stadium. Everything went very well", Frenzel stated. The large chasing group shortened the gap more and more during the first four kilometres, after that the group mostly was 15-20 seconds behind. In the final sprint of the group Magnus Krog captured bronce. Alessandro Pittin (ITA) who did a lot of work in the group wasn't rewarded with a medal. He came in fourth followed by Magnus Moan (NOR). Sixth went to Johannes Rydzek (GER) ahead of Lukas Runggaldier (ITA). With  Fabian Riessle (GER) and Tino Edelmann (GER) the other two German finished within top ten. Håvard Klemetsen (NOR) was ranked tenth.
Gundersen NH HS106/10.0 K, Sochi (RUS):
1. Eric Frenzel
GER 23:50.2
2. Akito Watabe
JPN 23:54.4
3. Magnus Krog
NOR 23:58.3
4. Alessandro Pittin
ITA 23:59.5
5. Magnus Hovdal Moan
NOR 24:02.9
6. Johannes Rydzek
GER 24:07.5
7. Lukas Runggaldier
ITA 24:09.9
8. Fabian Riessle
GER 24:19.6
9. Tino Edelmann
GER 24:27.2
10. Haavard Klemetsen
NOR 24:28.4
11. Christoph Bieler
AUT 24:30.4
12. Lukas Klapfer
AUT 24:54.5
13. Mikko Kokslien
NOR 24:56.5
14. Armin Bauer
ITA 24:56.7
15. Yoshito Watabe
JPN 24:58.3