Carina Vogt (GER)
Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT), Carina Vogt (GER), Coline Mattel (FRA) (l-r)
Carina Vogt (GER) awaiting....
Carina Vogt (GER)
Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT)
Carina Vogt (GER)
Carina Vogt (GER)


In the late evening there was a big surprise in women's skijumping: First ever Olympic Champion is Carina Vogt (GER)! Silver went to Daniela Iraschko-Stolz (AUT) followed by Colina Mattel (FRA).
Gold medal for Carina Vogt
Nobody would certainly have supposed that: Carina Vogt is the first ever Olympic Champion in women's skijumping. When her opponents weakened the 22-year-old was on the spot and absolutely speechless: "I don't know what to say. I can't believe it yet! On top of the jumping hill I wasn't that nervous but the few seconds I was waiting the result were frightful", she said. Carina Vogt surprisingly showed already in the first round the best of all jumps with 103 metres while top favourite Sara Takanashi (JPN) wanted too much and was ranked just third. Co-favourite for gold Daniela Iraschko-Stolz from Austria first showed a too short jump and came in fifth. In the final round the Austrian had to show first and jumped long at 104.5 metres - for it she showed a two-foot-landing with very bad style points. After Iraschko-Stolz who jumped with a light head wind the wind changed and the last girls had to deal with a light tail wind. Though Takanashi's 98.5 metres weren't enough to take the lead - she displayed nerves again. After Carina Vogt's last jump the Austrian seems to be quite confident of victory because the German jumped just 97.5 metres. But due to better style points and tail wind Carina Vogt secured victory with a 1.2 points advantage. Silver went to Daniela Iraschko-Stolz followed by Frenchwoman Coline Mattel. Sara Takanashi was just ranked fourth ahead of Evelyn Insam (ITA). Maja Vtic (SLO) was best Slovenian finishing sixth ahead of Yuki Ito (JPN) and Maren Lundby (NOR). Line Jahr (NOR) and Jessica Jerome (USA) were ranked ninth and tenth.

HS106 Women, Sochi (RUS):
1. Carina Vogt
GER 103.0 97.5 247.4
2. Daniela Iraschko-stolz
AUT 98.5 104.5 246.2
3. Coline Mattel
FRA 99.5 97.5 245.2
4. Sara Takanashi
JPN 100.0 98.5 243.0
5. Evelyn Insam
ITA 98.5 99.0 242.2
6. Maja Vtic
SLO 100.5 100.5 241.9
7. Yuki Ito
JPN 97.5 101.0 241.8
8. Maren Lundby
NOR 97.0 100.0 235.5
9. Line Jahr
NOR 97.5 98.5 234.6
10. Jessica Jerome
USA 97.0 99.0 234.1