The superior winner of last weekend’s Nordic Combined Triple, Eric Frenzel (GER), is on the way to Sochi with some tour stops in Oberstdorf, to be ready to fight for a medal in Russia.
Fischer: How does your personal Olympic dream look like?  
Eric Frenzel: My Olympic dream would be to compete with great conditions, blue sky, sunshine, temperature around freezing point and a light breeze of head wind.
Fischer: What is on your schedule from now until your first start at the Olympics? 
Eric Frenzel: First I will start at the home World Cup in Oberstdorf, then I will go home for two to three days. Afterwards we will have the last training camp for Sochi in Oberstdorf. There we will have our final preparation for the Olympics, do the last tests to go to Sochi perfectlyl prepared.
Fischer: What in your opinion are the advantages and the disadvantages of the Olympic tracks and hills – how are they for you?
Eric Frenzel: As more or less all was built new, the locations are quite modern. The profile of both hills are built for the „modern“ ski jumping styles, where you need not just a powerfull take-off, but also high speed in your jump. I personally can deal very well with that. Also the track for the Nordic Combined competitions is challenging with a very changing profile what I like very much.