Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT) already made two bronze medals in the individual competitions, as well as a team gold at the last Olympics in Vancouver. Now the record holder with the most World Cup victories is aiming for his first individual Olympic gold medal in Sochi.
Fischer: What is your personal Olympic dream? Gregor Schlierenzauer: Fair conditions, a showcase event for ski jumping and the Austrian national anthem at the award ceremony.
Fischer: What are your plans from now until your first Olympic event?
Gregor Schlierenzauer: My schedule is packed with competitions, lots of appointments, specific preparation and the necessary recovery – so just about everything.
Fischer: What in your opinion are the advantages and the disadvantages of the Olympic hills – how are they for you?
Gregor Schlierenzauer: I feel quite at home on the hill, as you could see in the "dress rehearsal". It has a modern design and a great inrun which is more weather-resistant because of the combination of ceramic and ice. But I have no influence over it and will take it as it comes.