Kikkan Randall (USA) as two times winner of the Sprint World Cup is for sure one of the favorites for an Olympic medal in Sprint. Especially after the two victories in the last sprint races.
Fischer: How does your personal Olympic dream look like?  
Kikkan Randall: My personal Olympic dream is to show up on that start line feeling strong, healthy, prepared and ready to perform at my very best.  I want to take a look around to appreciate the atmosphere and the journey it's taken to get there, and then clear my mind and race my heart out.  I know that if I have prepared well and race with my best effort, I, (and my team) can contend for Olympic medals.  Winning an Olympic medal would be a dream come true for me and it would mean so much for the sport of cross-country skiing in the US.  
Fischer: What is on your schedule from now until your first start at the Olympics? 
Kikkan Randall:After a successful period one of World Cup racing I am currently enjoying some recovery and a couple weeks of training in Davos. Then it will be back into racing in mid January with sprints in Nove Mesto, a sprint and distance race in Poland, and then some high altitude training in Seiser Alm, Italy.  The plan is to race in both events in Toblach right before we go to Sochi.
Fischer: What are the pros and cons of the Olympic tracks – how are they for you? 
Kikkan Randall:I think the Sochi courses are well designed, challenging, fair and a good showcase for the worlds best athletes.  The women's sprint course is deceptively tough.  Although it's much shorter than the men's there is no significant rest and it is high speed work the whole way.  The steady work in the first half of the race and the long flat in the stadium are both good sections for my strengths.  I wish there was one more steep uphill in there somewhere but overall I think it's a really good course for me.