The series #RoadToSochi continues with todays winner of the Nordic Combined World Cup in in Chaux-Neuve (FRA) Mikko Kokslien (NOR):
Fischer: How does your personal Olympic dream look like?
Mikko Kokslien: To have a great time with my teammates and competitors. Enjoy and live the moment. For the results, I have been dreaming about a gold medal since I was a little boy. My goal for Sochi is to have my best competition of the year, and be in my best shape. If I can achieve that, I think I will have a chance to make my dream come thru :)
Fischer: What is on your schedule from now until your first start at the Olympics?
Mikko Kokslien: We will be competing in Chaux-Neuve and the Nordic Combined Triple in Seefeld. After Seefeld, we have a pre camp in St.Moritz and Oberstdorf.
Fischer: What are the pros and cons of the Olympic tracks/jumping hills – how do they fit you?
Mikko Kokslien: It is a very special track. We will be racing at the ski jumping venue, and it is different from what we are used to. It has high speed, many rhythm changes and a lot of corners. It will fit me very well. The twists and turns will be very tiering, and I think I will handle it well with a smart approach to the races. The jumps are nice. They are modern, and not very different from other venues around the world. Lets just hope there will be no mudslides ;)