Mikko Kokslien (NOR)
Magnus Krog (NOR), Mikko Kokslien (NOR), Joergen Graabak (NOR) (l-r)
Magnus Krog (NOR)
Jörgen Graabak (NOR)
Eric Frenzel (GER)
Alessandro Pittin (ITA)


Mikko Kokslien (NOR, Fischer skis and boots) celebrated his first individual season's victory in first competition in Chaux Neuve. The Norwegian won ahead of his compatriots Magnus Krog (NOR, Fischer) and Jørgen Gråbak (NOR, Fischer).
Kokslien wins in the final sprint
Mikko Kokslien was in 19th position after skijump, 1:05 minutes back. After seven kilometres he caught up the leading group of three composed of today's best jumper Eric Frenzel (GER, Fischer skis and boots), Jan Schmid (NOR, Fischer skis, boots and poles) and Bernhard Gruber (AUT, Fischer skis and boots) together with other fast skiers. The decision for the victory was made in the final stretch out of a group of six, when Kokslien edged out his compatriots Krog and Gråbak. Eric Frenzel just missed the podium, Berni Gruber came in sixth. Jan Schmid dropped back more than 40 seconds finishing eighth, Håvard Klemetsen (NOR, Fischer) was ranked ninth. Alessandro Pittin (ITA, Fischer skis and boots) who has to fight against many mental problems after several serious accidents at the jumping hill increased from 45 to ten after great skiing.
HS117/10km, Chaux Neuve (FRA):
1. Mikko Kokslien
NOR 27:14.4
2. Magnus Krog
NOR 27:15.3
3. Joergen Graabak
NOR 27:15.7
4. Eric Frenzel
GER 27:15.7
5. Magnus Hovdal Moan
NOR 27:18.5
6. Bernhard Gruber
AUT 27:21.9
7. Jason Lamy Chappuis
FRA 27:34.4
8. Jan Schmid
NOR 27:57.8
9. Haavard Klemetsen
NOR 28:02.6
10. Alessandro Pittin
ITA 28:04.8
11. Fabian Riessle
GER 28:07.4
12. Christoph Bieler
AUT 28:12.0
13. Bill Demong
USA 28:31.8
14. Tino Edelmann
GER 28:34.2
15. Harald Lemmerer
AUT 28:34.6