Tarjei Boe (NOR), Olympic Champion in Relay in Vancouver 2010 and Overall World Cup Winner of the 2010l11 season starts the series #RoadToSochi and answers the three questions about the Olympic Games 2014:
Fischer: How does your personal Olympic dream look like?
Tarjei Boe: My Olympic dream is to win a gold medal on the relay with my teammates. To win together is a fantastic feeling, and the atmosphere in the team becomes unbelievable.
Fischer: What is on your schedule from now until your first start at the Olympics?
Tarjei Boe: Right after new year I went to Oberhof for the World Cup and now I am in Ruhpolding. After that I go home to relax and save some energy to the Olympic Games. After that we have a training camp to get prepared for Sochi.
Fischer: What are the pros and cons of the Olympic tracks – how do they fit you?
Tarjei Boe: It's only pros. Hard tracks with a lot of uphills fits me well! And if it was any cons I wouldn't tell it until the races in Sochi are over!
Fischer: Good luck for Sochi!