Alexey Volkov (RUS), Martin Fourcade (FRA), Tarjei Boe (NOR) (l-r)
Alexey Volkov (RUS)
Tarjei Boe (NOR)
Tora Berger (NOR)
Synnoeve Solemdal (NOR), Tora Berger (NOR), Darya Domracheva (BLR) (l-r)
Darya Domracheva (BLR)
Andrea Henkel (GER)
Kaisa Mäkäräinen (FIN)


Tora Berger (NOR, Fischer skis, boots and poles) celebrated her first winter's victory in mass start in Oberhof. Darya Domracheva (BLR, Fischer skis and boots) made a podium for the third time within three days. Alexey Volkov (RUS, Fischer) celebrated his first ever podium in a World Cup race. He finished in mass start at biathlon World Cup in Oberhof ahead of Tarjei Bø (NOR, Fischer).
First podium for Volkov
With his second spot in today's mass start Alexey Volkov climbed a World Cup podium for the first time in his life. The Russian was one of two athletes without a miss and sent Tarjei Boe to third spot. The Norwegian missed two targets as well as Andreas Birnbacher (GER, Fischer) finishing fourth. Ondrej Moravec (CZE, Fischer) came in fifth, tenth went to Dmitry Malyshko (RUS, Fischer).

Berger succeeds in mass start
Nothing is visible of a Oberhof trauma Darya Domracheva had during the last years: After two wins in sprint and pursuit the Belarussian captured a third place today. Just two Norwegians Tora Berger and Synnøve Solemdal (NOR) were better. Berger missed just one target in four shooting stages which means her first win this season. In the final stretch Domracheva wasn't able to reach Solemdal so she came in third with two misses. Andrea Henkel (GER, Fischer skis and boots) was ranked good fourth in her last competition in front of her home crowd in Oberhof followed by Kaisa Mäkäräinen (FIN, Fischer skis and boots) and Krystyna Palka (POL, Fischer skis and boots). Anastasiya Kuzmina (SVK, Fischer) who travelled to Oberhof only for this race finished seventh ahead of Juliya Dzhyma (UKR, Fischer skis and boots) and Olga Vilukhina (RUS, Fischer).
Massenstart Herren, Oberhof (GER):
1. Martin Fourcade
FRA 1 00.37.39,40
2. Alexey Volkov
RUS 0 00.37.44,60
3. Tarjei Bø
NOR 2 00.37.58,40
4. Andreas Birnbacher
GER 2 00.38.01,00
5. Ondřej Moravec
CZE 2 00.38.05,60
6. Dominik Landertinger
AUT 1 00.38.08,30
7. Lukas Hofer
ITA 0 00.38.09,00
8. Alexandr Loginov
RUS 3 00.38.09,90
9. Tim Burke
USA 2 00.38.10,70
10. Dmitry Malyshko
RUS 4 00.38.11,10
11. Emil Hegle Svendsen
NOR 3 00.38.15,30
12. Anton Shipulin
RUS 3 00.38.23,70
13. Simon Desthieux
FRA 2 00.38.33,30
14. Andrejs Rastorgujevs
LAT 4 00.38.45,80
15. Fredrik Lindström
SWE 4 00.38.52,00
Massenstart Damen, Oberhof (GER):
1. Tora Berger
NOR 1 00.37.59,00
2. Synnøve Solemdal
NOR 0 00.38.16,50
3. Darya Domracheva
BLR 2 00.38.16,80
4. Andrea Henkel
GER 1 00.38.38,90
5. Kaisa Mäkäräinen
FIN 3 00.38.52,40
6. Krystyna Pałka
POL 1 00.39.00,70
7. Anastasiya Kuzmina
SVK 2 00.39.08,90
8. Juliya Dzhyma
UKR 1 00.39.16,00
9. Olga Vilukhina
RUS 0 00.39.25,70
10. Franziska Hildebrand
GER 1 00.39.28,80
11. Natalya Burdyga
UKR 0 00.39.35,40
12. Tiril Eckhoff
NOR 3 00.39.39,80
13. Gabriela Soukalová
CZE 2 00.39.45,20
14. Olena Pidhrushna
UKR 1 00.39.54,10
15. Valj Semerenko
UKR 3 00.39.59,70