Therese Johaug (NOR), Astrid Jacobsen (NOR), Anne Kyllönen (FIN) (l-r)
Alex Harvey (CAN), Martin Johnsrud Sundby (NOR), Petter Northug (NOR) (l-r)
Therese Johaug (NOR)
Martin Johnsrud Sundby (NOR)
Martin Johnsrud Sundby (NOR)
Kerttu Niskanen (FIN), Anne Kyllönen (FIN)
Johannes Dürr (AUT)
Alex Harvey (CAN), Petter Northug (NOR)


In women's 15k free handicap race Therese Johaug (NOR, Fischer skis and boots) was able to take second place in overall ranking of Tour de Ski but she wasn't able to catch her fellow Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen (NOR). Men's 36.1 kilometre race between Cortina and Dobbiaco was dominated by leading Martin Johnsrud Sundby (NOR, Fischer skis and boots) who was able to extend his lead clearly.
Johaug on her way to first Tour de Ski win
Until now none Norwegian athlete was able to win the Tour de Ski, women as well as men. After today's 15k free handicap race in Dobbiaco Therese Johaug is now well underway to realize that. In fact the Norwegian wasn't in her top shape today and couldn't shorted the advantage of her compatriot Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen, but compared with the other girls she gained ground and increased to second spot in Tour de Ski overall ranking before the last two stages in Val die Fiemme. Third went to Anne Kyllönen (FIN, Fischer skis and boots), 1:12 minutes behind. An excellent race showed a group of three with Aurore Jean (FRA, Fischer) who caught up the field from start position ten to twelve (round about 1:40 minutes behind at start) and nearly reached Kerttu Niskanen (FIN, Fischer skis and boots). But the Finn finished ten seconds behind Kyllönen and ten seconds ahead of her chasers in fourth spot. The Frenchwomen was edged out in the final sprint by her companions and came in seventh.

Final sprint decides further podium spots
Without any visible weakness during the 36.1 kilometres long race Martin Johnsrud Sundby celebrated victory after his great effort and he was able to extend his lead in the overall ranking. He crossed the line 58 seconds ahead of his persuaders who often shared looks during the last kilometres down to Dobbiaco but nobody really wanted to ski in front. In the final stretch Petter Northug (NOR, Fischer skis and boots) started up again in his old shape and displaced his opponents. Alex Harvey (CAN, Fischer) finished third followed by Calle Halfvarsson (SWE, Fischer). In the second half of the 16 kilometres long uphill Johannes Dürr (AUT, Fischer) who started in 34th spot, 2:11 minutes back, managed it to increased from the second to the first chasing group single-handedly. The Austrian came in sixth.
15km F Handicap Damen, Toblach (ITA):
1. Astrid Jacobsen
NOR 00.37.30,30
2. Therese Johaug
NOR 00.38.09,00
3. Anne Kyllönen
FIN 00.38.42,50
4. Kerttu Niskanen
FIN 00.38.52,80
5. Eva Nyvltova
CZE 00.39.02,00
5. Krista Lähteenmäki
FIN 00.39.02,00
7. Aurore Jean
FRA 00.39.02,30
8. Heidi Weng
NOR 00.39.02,60
9. Aino-Kaisa Saarinen
FIN 00.39.49,50
10. Sara Lindborg
SWE 00.39.50,90
11. Kristin Störmer Steira
NOR 00.39.54,90
12. Elizabeth Stephen
USA 00.39.55,30
13. Jessica Diggins
USA 00.39.58,60
14. Olga Kuziukova
RUS 00.40.06,60
15. Anna Haag
SWE 00.40.07,10
36,1km F Handicap Herren, Toblach (ITA):
1. Martin Johnsrud Sundby
NOR 01.20.18,70
2. Petter jr Northug
NOR 01.21.16,90
3. Alex Harvey
CAN 01.21.17,40
4. Calle Halfvarsson
SWE 01.21.17,70
5. Alexander Legkov
RUS 01.21.18,40
6. Johannes Dürr
AUT 01.21.18,90
7. Chris Jespersen
NOR 01.21.19,20
8. Ilia Chernousov
RUS 01.21.22,20
9. Ville Nousiainen
FIN 01.22.14,10
10. Tord Asle Gjerdalen
NOR 01.22.14,30
11. Hannes Dotzler
GER 01.22.14,50
11. Sjur Røthe
NOR 01.22.14,50
13. Jean Marc Gaillard
FRA 01.22.15,30
13. Didrik Tønseth
NOR 01.22.15,30
15. Daniel Rickardsson
SWE 01.22.15,90