Justyna Kowalczyk (POL)
Anne Kyllönen (FIN)
Anne Kyllönen (FIN), Justyna Kowalczyk (POL), Vibeke Skofterud (NOR) (l-r)
Maurice Manificat (FRA)
Roland Clara (ITA)
Roland Clara (ITA), Maurice Manificat (FRA), Sjur Roethe (NOR) (l-r)


As supposed the victory in skiathlon at cross-country World Cup in Canmore was only about Justyna Kowalczyk (POL, Fischer skis and boots). The Polish won last race before christmas and Tour de Ski ahead of Anne Kyllönen (FIN, Fischer skis and boots) and Vibeke Skofterud (NOR, Fischer). In men's skiathlon Maurice Manificat (FRA, Fischer skis and boots) won the race over 30 kilometres ahead of Roland Clara (ITA, Fischer skis and boots) and Sjur Roethe (NOR, Fischer).
Kowalczyk provides for early decision
The pace was quite high from start, therefore a few girls had problems very early. Already after 1.5 kilometres Kowalczyk and two Norwegians pulled away from the rest of the leading group but a few minutes later they were caught again by twelve other girls. Soon some girls lost the contact again and the group became smaller and smaller until Kowalczyk was alone just before ski exchange. During the second half of the race Kowalczyk was always alone and unthreatened, so she crossed the line with a 34 seconds advantage. Second went to Finn Anne Kyllönen who was stronger in the final stretch than her five companions. Vibeke Skofterud finished third and Valentina Shevchenko (UKR, Fischer skis and boots) sixth.Kikkan Randall (USA, Fischer) lost many seconds and positions in the first part of the race increased from 21 to eight in the skating part.

High pace at the last two kilometres
During the first 25 kilometres there were several attacks but they were not crowned with success. The race became serious at the last two kilometres with higher pace and the group diminished from 18 to 14 athletes. This attack was launched by South Tyrolean Roland Clara but Maurice Manificat stayed behind him. The other athletes around Tobias Angerer (GER, Fischer skis and boots) and Sjur Roethe tried to shorten the gap. Angerer managed this with his great skis in the long downhill to the stadium. But he wasn't able to catch Manificat who secured victory ahead of Roland Clara. "Three years ago (his only World Cup victory in skiathlon in Lahti at 06.03.2010) it wasn't as hard as today. I tried everything but during the last days nothing went well, but today everything was better. In classical style I wasn't so good today but I caught a few bonus points. In skating I felt much better and the tactic worked I thought about before the race. When skiing together with Roland Clara I was hopeful to secure victory and I gave everything I had", Manificat said. Third went to Sjur Roethe ahead of Tobias Angerer. David Hofer (ITA, Fischer skis, boots and poles) finished seventh, Kris Freeman (USA, Fischer) became tenth.
Skiathlon Women, Canmore (CAN):
1. Justyna Kowalczyk
POL 00.42.51,50
2. Anne Kyllönen
FIN 00.43.26,40
3. Vibeke W Skofterud
NOR 00.43.26,50
4. Kristin Störmer Steira
NOR 00.43.27,30
5. Masako Ishida
JPN 00.43.27,40
6. Valentina Shevchenko
UKR 00.43.27,70
7. Alija Iksanova
RUS 00.43.28,20
8. Kikkan Randall
USA 00.44.09,90
9. Ingvild Flugstad Östberg
NOR 00.44.10,00
10. Anna Haag
SWE 00.44.10,70
11. Katerina Smutna
AUT 00.44.11,00
12. Katrin Zeller
GER 00.44.11,80
13. Debora Agreiter
ITA 00.44.12,70
14. Ida Sargent
USA 00.44.29,80
15. Aurore Jean
FRA 00.44.30,10
Skiathlon Men, Canmore (CAN):
1. Maurice Manificat
FRA 01.17.47,30
2. Roland Clara
ITA 01.17.48,00
3. Sjur Röthe
NOR 01.17.49,00
4. Tobias Angerer
GER 01.17.49,20
5. Eldar Rönning
NOR 01.17.50,00
6. Andrey Larkov
RUS 01.17.50,20
7. David Hofer
ITA 01.17.50,60
8. Noah Hoffman
USA 01.17.51,20
9. Jens Filbrich
GER 01.17.52,30
10. Kris Freeman
USA 01.17.52,60
10. Giorgio Di Centa
ITA 01.17.52,60
12. Ivan Babikov
CAN 01.17.55,00
13. Petter Eliassen
NOR 01.17.56,30
14. Evgeniy Belov
RUS 01.18.01,80
15. Graham Nishikawa
CAN 01.18.09,60