Andreas Birnbacher (GER)
Jakov Fak (SLO)
Andreas Birnbacher (GER)
Tora Berger (NOR)
Miriam Gössner (GER), Tora Berger (NOR), Gabriela Soukalova (CZE) (l-r)
Miriam Gössner (GER)
Gabriela Soukalova (CZE)


Andreas Birnbacher (GER, Fischer) celebrated victory in first mass start race. The Bavarian won ahead of Jakov Fak (SLO, Fischer). In women's race Tora Berger (NOR, Fischer skis, boots and poles) won ahead of Miriam Gössner (GER, Fischer) and Gabriela Soukalova (CZE, Fischer skis and boots).
Victory without a miss
An accurate shooting was the basis for second season's victory for Andi Birnbacher. The Bavarian was the only athlet shooting clear and he was able to "relax" on his last lap as he was told by his coach Fritz Fischer. Therefore his advantage in finish was only 17 seconds to Jakov Fak who missed two targets. "Zeroing was a catastrophe, nothing worked. But during the race everything worked better. A fight hand to hand is something special, during those races I am more concentrated in shooting. In skiing I was very tired this week, therefore yesterday was my best day on skis. With yesterday's and today's races I can be satisfied", Birnbacher stated. Björn Ferry (SWE, Fischer skis and boots) came in fifth, seventh went to Evgeny Ustyugov (RUS, Fischer skis and boots). Henrik L'Abee-Lund (NOR, Fischer skis and boots) finished ninth.

Berger with only two misses
In women's race the fog was much stronger than in men's race and the conditions were more or less irregular especially in second prone stage. Therefore Tora Berger showed a great shooting performance with only two penalties because no athlete was able to see any target. The Norwegian won 35 seconds ahead of good shooting Miriam Gössner with four misses. Gabriela Soukalova made her third podium within three days. Ekaterina Yurlova (RUS, Fischer skis and boots) finished fifth ahead of Teja Gregorin (SLO, Fischer). Krystyna Palka (POL, Fischer) came in seventh followed by Olga Vilukhina (RUS, Fischer).

Mass start Men, Pokljuka (SLO):
1. Andreas Birnbacher
GER 0 00.35.39,40
2. Jakov Fak
SLO 2 00.35.57,10
3. Tim Burke
USA 2 00.36.02,00
4. Martin Fourcade
FRA 2 00.36.05,30
5. Björn Ferry
SWE 2 00.36.06,00
6. Emil Hegle Svendsen
NOR 2 00.36.06,10
7. Evgeny Ustyugov
RUS 3 00.36.23,00
8. Evgeniy Garanichev
RUS 3 00.36.27,30
9. Henrik L´Abee-Lund
NOR 2 00.36.31,10
10. Florian Graf
GER 2 00.36.31,20
11. Friedrich Pinter
AUT 3 00.36.33,00
12. Ole Einar Björndalen
NOR 3 00.36.33,20
13. Carl Johan Bergman
SWE 3 00.36.37,70
14. Dmitry Malyshko
RUS 3 00.36.39,90
15. Fredrik Lindström
SWE 3 00.36.44,60
Mass start Women, Pokljuka (SLO):
1. Tora Berger
NOR 2 00.35.53,80
2. Miriam Gössner
GER 4 00.36.29,30
3. Gabriela Soukalova
CZE 2 00.36.55,90
4. Olga Zaitseva
RUS 3 00.37.14,10
5. Ekaterina Yurlova
RUS 2 00.37.17,20
6. Teja Gregorin
SLO 4 00.37.26,30
7. Krystyna Palka
POL 4 00.37.34,90
8. Olga Vilukhina
RUS 3 00.37.35,00
9. Marie Dorin Habert
FRA 5 00.37.46,80
10. Anais Bescond
FRA 5 00.37.54,20
11. Andrea Henkel
GER 5 00.37.54,30
12. Ekaterina Shumilova
RUS 4 00.37.55,00
13. Anastasiya Kuzmina
SVK 7 00.38.10,60
13. Kaisa Mäkäräinen
FIN 7 00.38.10,60
15. Ekaterina Glazyrina
RUS 5 00.38.24,10