Jakov Fak (SLO)
Jakov Fak (SLO), Dmitry Malyshko (RUS)
Dmitry Malyshko (RUS)
Dmitry Malyshko (RUS); Jakov Fak (SLO), Martin Fourcade (FRA) (l-r)
Kaisa Mäkäräinen (FIN), Tora Berger (NOR), Teja Gregorin (SLO), Darya Domracheva (BLR) (l-r)
Miriam Gössner (GER)


Jakov Fak (SLO, Fischer) stormed to victory in pursuit race at biathlon World Cup in Hochfilzen. Tora Berger (NOR, Fischer skis, boots and poles) made another podium finish in pursuit. Behind her Kaisa Mäkäräinen (FIN, Fischer skis and boots) came in third.
Group of five after last standing stage
After an exciting race the Slovenian Jakov Fak was able to celebrate his first season's win. The former Croate missed two targets and overpowered Dmitry Malyshko (RUS, Fischer) who was started eleventh in the final stretch after the Russian missed one target. Fredrik Lindström (SWE, Fischer ski and boots) was a member of a group of five after his clear last shooting. But the Swede wasn't able to stay in contact to the others after Fak's attack at the last uphill, just as Andi Birnbacher (GER, Fischer). Sixth went to Anton Shipulin (RUS, Fischer skis and boots), his compatriot Evgeny Ustyugov (RUS, Fischer skis and boots) became ninth.

Berger increased her lead
After an exciting final lap Tora Berger realised another podium result and increased her lead in the Overall ranking. For a long time it doesn't seem that the Norwegian would be able to stay in front of her opponents Kaisa Mäkäräinen and Darya Domracheva (BLR, Fischer skis and boots). Her skiing didn't look as good as the others but in the final round she switched into turbo mode and left the Finn behind just in front of the stadium. Fourth went to Teja Gregorin (SLO, Fischer) who was able to beat Darya Domracheva in the final stretch. Miriam Gössner (GER, Fischer) came in sixth according to her fastest time in skiing despite her four misses. Vita Semerenko (UKR, Fischer) finished ninth.
Pursuit Men, Hochfilzen (AUT):
1. Jakov Fak
SLO 2 00.24.14,80
2. Dmitry Malyshko
RUS 1 00.24.15,70
3. Martin Fourcade
FRA 3 00.24.23,40
4. Fredrik Lindström
SWE 1 00.24.26,10
5. Andreas Birnbacher
GER 2 00.24.29,90
6. Anton Shipulin
RUS 2 00.24.50,60
7. Ole Einar Björndalen
NOR 3 00.24.53,10
8. Dominik Landertinger
AUT 2 00.25.20,70
9. Evgeny Ustyugov
RUS 3 00.25.21,60
10. Lowell Bailey
USA 1 00.25.26,70
11. Alexis Bœuf
FRA 3 00.25.38,50
12. Andrei Makoveev
RUS 3 00.25.43,40
13. Evgeniy Garanichev
RUS 2 00.25.46,80
14. Emil Hegle Svendsen
NOR 4 00.25.47,20
15. Jean Guillaume Beatrix
FRA 3 00.25.47,50
Pursuit Women, Hochfilzen (AUT):
1. Synnøve Solemdal
NOR 1 00.31.13,40
2. Tora Berger
NOR 2 00.31.43,60
3. Kaisa Mäkäräinen
FIN 4 00.31.46,70
4. Teja Gregorin
SLO 1 00.31.51,80
5. Darya Domracheva
BLR 3 00.31.53,00
6. Miriam Gössner
GER 4 00.32.12,80
7. Marie Dorin Habert
FRA 1 00.32.16,90
8. Ekaterina Shumilova
RUS 1 00.32.25,10
9. Vita Semerenko
UKR 1 00.32.27,20
10. Nadine Horchler
GER 1 00.32.31,00
11. Gabriela Soukalova
CZE 1 00.32.34,10
12. Olena Pidhrushna
UKR 1 00.32.37,30
13. Anastasiya Kuzmina
SVK 2 00.32.40,60
14. Anais Bescond
FRA 1 00.32.57,90
15. Magdalena Gwizdon
POL 4 00.33.16,10