Andreas Birnbacher (GER)
Andi Birnbacher (GER)
Martin Fourcade (FRA), Andi Birnbacher (GER), Jakov Fak (SLO) (l-r)
Jakov Fak (SLO)
Darya Domracheva (BLR)
Kaisa Mäkäräinen (FIN), Darya Domracheva (BLR), Tora Berger (NOR) (l-r)
Kaisa Mäkäräinen (FIN)


Andreas Birnbacher (GER, Fischer) celebrated his first victory this winter in sprint race at biathlon World Cup Hochfilzen. Darya Domracheva (BLR, Fischer skis and boots) secured victory in women's race ahead of Kaisa Mäkäräinen (FIN, Fischer skis and boots) and Tora Berger (NOR, Fischer skis, boots and poles).
Success without a miss
Without any penalty Andreas Birnbacher succeeded in sprint race in Hochfilzen. The Bavarian won by a hair's breadth ahead of World Cup leader Martin Fourcade (FRA). "I knew it was a good race but I never thought it would be so good. Hochfilzen is like my home track, I live only 30 minutes away from here", said Birnbacher. Jakov Fak (SLO, Fischer) surpringly finished third with a miss after bad performances in Östersund last week. Evgeny Ustyugov (RUS, Fischer skis and boots) came in fifth.

"Fighting until the end"
"I wanted to fight until the end of the race and I made it. I started with one miss but you have to continue fighting", Darya Domracheva said after the race. The Belarussian had to compensate one penalty just as the following three girls and won 4,7 seconds ahead of Kaisa Mäkäräinen lost many seconds due to problems in her standing stage. Third went to Tora Berger who made a podium again after her three victories in Östersund.  Krystyna Palka (POL, Fischer) came in fifth after clear shooting followed by her compatriot Magdalena Gwizdon (POL, Fischer). Teja Gregorin (SLO, Fischer) and Nadezhda Skardino (BLR, Fischer skis, boots and poles) tied for seventh place ahead of Miriam Gössner (GER, Fischer) who finished ninth despite four missed with second-fastest time in skiing.
Sprint Men, Hochfilzen (AUT):
1. Andreas Birnbacher
GER 0 00.25.31,10
2. Martin Fourcade
FRA 1 00.25.31,50
3. Jakov Fak
SLO 1 00.25.44,80
4. Friedrich Pinter
AUT 1 00.25.55,80
5. Evgeny Ustyugov
RUS 0 00.25.57,20
6. Andrei Makoveev
RUS 0 00.25.58,20
7. Carl Johan Bergman
SWE 1 00.25.58,50
8. Simon Hallenbarter
SUI 0 00.26.01,60
9. Alexis Bœuf
FRA 0 00.26.03,10
10. Jean-Philippe Leguellec
CAN 1 00.26.05,10
11. Dmitry Malyshko
RUS 2 00.26.07,90
12. Fredrik Lindström
SWE 0 00.26.08,40
13. Serhiy Semenov
UKR 0 00.26.11,10
14. Erik Lesser
GER 1 00.26.11,90
15. Vetle Sjastad Christiansen
NOR 0 00.26.12,80
Sprint Women, Hochfilzen (AUT):
1. Darya Domracheva
BLR 1 00.22.24,70
2. Kaisa Mäkäräinen
FIN 1 00.22.29,40
3. Tora Berger
NOR 1 00.22.37,60
4. Synnøve Solemdal
NOR 1 00.22.40,20
5. Krystyna Palka
POL 0 00.22.54,00
6. Magdalena Gwizdon
POL 1 00.22.58,40
7. Nadezhda Skardino
BLR 0 00.23.04,90
7. Teja Gregorin
SLO 1 00.23.04,90
9. Miriam Gössner
GER 4 00.23.08,70
10. Marie Dorin Habert
FRA 0 00.23.13,40
11. Vita Semerenko
UKR 1 00.23.16,60
12. Anna-Karin Strömstedt
SWE 1 00.23.18,10
13. Nadine Horchler
GER 1 00.23.19,80
14. Gabriela Soukalova
CZE 2 00.23.25,50
15. Juliya Dzhyma
UKR 1 00.23.26,00