Severin Freund (GER)
Dmitry Vassiliev (RUS), Severin Freund (GER), Simon Ammann (SUI) (l-r)
Dmitry Vassiliev (RUS)
Simon Ammann (SUI)


Severin Freund (GER, Fischer) scored his fourth World Cup victory ever in Kuusamo, second one this season. The German sent Dmitry Vassiliev (RUS, Fischer) and Simon Ammann (SUI, Fischer) to other podium positions.
Second season's win
In Kuusamo Severin Freund secured his second victory this winter. He increased from two to one in the final round and left Dmitry Vassiliev 0.7 points behind. It was the first podium finish for the Russian for a long time. "Apart some minor problems at the landing, this was definitely a perfect weekend. Perfect jumps are relatively rare in ski jumping, but after a difficult start it went pretty well today. I'm definitely satisfied, there's not much to complain about when you win. I'm looking forward to Sochi because it's a new hill. We'll see how it goes", Freund said. Third went to Simon Ammann ahead of Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT, Fischer). Taku Takeuchi (JPN, Fischer) came in sixth ahead of his compatriot Noriaki Kasai (JPN, Fischer). The Austrians Andreas Kofler and Wolfgang Loitzl (both AUT, Fischer) finished eighth and ninth ahead of Anders Bardal (NOR, Fischer).
HS142, Kuusamo (FIN):
1. Severin Freund
GER 134.5 135.5 266.1
2. Dimitry Vassiliev
RUS 136 132 265.4
3. Simon Ammann
SUI 135 130.5 255.7
4. Gregor Schlierenzauer
AUT 137.5 128.5 254.1
5. Andreas Wellinger
GER 136 126.5 253.5
6. Taku Takeuchi
JPN 130.5 133 249.6
7. Noriaki Kasai
JPN 131.5 134 249.5
8. Andreas Kofler
AUT 127.5 132 248.7
9. Wolfgang Loitzl
AUT 134.5 125.5 246.4
10. Anders Bardal
NOR 128.5 135.5 241.8
11. Manuel Fettner
AUT 128 132 241
12. Tom Hilde
NOR 123.5 133.5 232.8
13. Andreas Wank
GER 131.5 122 231.7
14. Andreas Stjernen
NOR 126 130 229.2
15. Peter Prevc
SLO 119 135.5 226.9