Tom Hilde, Anette Sagen, Maren Lundby, Anders Bardal (NOR) (l-r)
Anders Bardal (NOR)
Taku Takeuchi (JPN)
Sebastian Colloredo (ITA)


The one and only mixed skijumping competition during this World Cup winter was dominated by the host team from Norway. Second went to Japan followed by Italy.
Norway unbeatable
Norwegian skijumping team represented by Maren Lundby, Tom Hilde, Anette Sagen and Anders Bardal (all NOR, Fischer) triumphated in front of their home crowd in Lillehammer. They benefitted of Austria's disqualification caused by  Andreas Kofler (AUT, Fischer) who wasn't able to reach the final round. Norwegian team reached 983,1 points after two rounds, especially local hero Lundby showed great jumps with 101,5 and 92 metres. Although Bardal had great jumps with 101,5 and 99 metres but Anette Sagen fell into the snow and lost a few points. "Winning the first competition of the season at home in Norway means that this was a perfect day. Everyone of our team was performing on a high level, so we were able to show eight good jumps", Bardal said. Runner-up Japan with Yuki Ito, Yuta Watase (JPN, Fischer), Sara Takanashi and Taku Takeuchi (JPN, Fischer) was able to follow the leaders just for a while and dropped back after Ito's short final jump to second place, 17 points back. Team Italy consisting of Elena Runggaldier, Andrea Morassi, Evelyn Insam and Sebastian Colloredo (ITA, Fischer) benefitted especially of great performances from the girls and was able to celebrated a podium only few months before their home World Championchip despite a fall from Colloredo in the final round.
Mixed Team HS108, Lillehammer (NOR):
1. Lundby Maren
NOR 101.5 92.0 983.1
1. Hilde Tom
NOR 88.5 99.5 983.1
1. Sagen Anette
NOR 92.5 97.5 983.1
1. Bardal Anders
NOR 101.5 99.0 983.1
2. Ito Yuki
JPN 88.0 83.5 966.0
2. Watase Yuta
JPN 95.5 94.0 966.0
2. Takanashi Sara
JPN 100.0 92.0 966.0
2. Takeuchi Taku
JPN 93.5 100.0 966.0
3. Runggaldier Elena
ITA 91.0 85.5 899.0
3. Morassi Andrea
ITA 84.0 85.5 899.0
3. Insam Evelyn
ITA 101.5 102.5 899.0
3. Colloredo Sebastian
ITA 92.5 98.5 899.0
4. Graessler Ulrike
GER 89.0 88.5 875.7
4. Freitag Richard
GER 95.5 91.5 875.7
4. Vogt Carina
GER 68.0 82.0 875.7
4. Freund Severin
GER 101.5 96.5 875.7