Dario Cologna (SUI)
l: Emil Joensson (SWE), r: Anna Haag (SWE)
Tobias Angerer (GER)
Anton Shipulin (RUS)
Andreas Birnbacher (GER)
Len Valjas (CAN)
Eric Frenzel (GER)


With Fischer having been the most successful ski and boot brand in the Nordic World Cup for three years in succession, a clear trend is emerging: athletes appreciate the competence of the Nordic Number One in both the ski and boot sector and more and more of them are changing over to the full package.
As reported earlier in the year, a number of cross country stars – among them overall World Cup winner Dario Cologna (SUI) and sprint specialist Emil Jönsson (SWE) who have been successful with skis from the Nordic Number One from the beginning of their careers – changed to Fischer boots prior to the upcoming WSC winter. "Experience with the skis has always been great. And a lot has happened in the boot sector in recent years at Fischer as well. The skis and the boots are now tuned to each other to perfection. I see this as a considerable advantage and it is what prompted me to switch in good time for the upcoming WSC winter," explains a highly satisfied Dario Cologna.
Tobias Angerer (GER) decided to change his whole equipment. "I was absolutely convinced right from the start, above all by the perfect interplay of the overall package. I'm confident that with the new equipment I can be a force to be reckoned with among the world's best," says the 2007 Tour de Ski winner. Anna Haag (SWE), Len Valjas (CAN) and Eric Frenzel (GER) are three more world-class athletes who have decided to compete for points and medals with the full Fischer package.
In biathlon Andreas Birnbacher (GER) likewise joined the trend of taking advantage of the complete system of his proven equipment sponsor for future successes. He was also recently joined by the Russian troika of Anton Shipulin, Ivan Tcherezov and Maxim Tchoudov (all RUS), who will now be making their preparations for the Olympic Games on home ground with Fischer skis and boots.
"We're really happy that the athletes find our complete package so convincing. It shows us quite clearly that the work we put in to developing boots and service is worthwhile," says Gerhard Urain, Nordic Racing Director at Fischer. "We also have high hopes of the close collaboration with the athletes in terms of future developments. This means that the feedback we get from the top athletes concerning not only the skis but also the boots can be taken into account directly in series production for the benefit of the end consumers."