l-r: Marit Björgen (NOR), Dario Cologna (SUI)
Marit Björgen (NOR)
Dario Cologna (SUI)


Marit Björgen (NOR) and Dario Cologna (SUI) have dominated the cross country scene for quite a while. Whereas Marit has been successful with both Fischer skis and boots for years, it was not until earlier this year that Mario decided to go for the full package.
Marit Björgen (NOR)
What is your opinion of the new ladies' racing boots?
Marit Björgen: the new boots are ideal for me. The classic boot has a soft sole and gives me a very good feeling on the skis despite being very stable. The skating boot is likewise very stable and, thanks to the Carbon Cuff, I can transfer the entire power to the ski from the very beginning of the kick phase.
What do you think are the biggest differences to the unisex model?
Marit Björgen: I find that the new ladies' boots are even more comfortable and feel better. I also really like the design, they look great.
What is it in particular that you like about the design?
Marit Björgen: I really like white as the main colour for women. There is something elegant and light about it. Most of all I like the cool design together with the yellow and black ski.
What are your views on skiing with one system?
Marit Björgen: Having just one company for skis and boots makes it easier to get the best equipment. You can communicate much better with the service team to find the perfect setup for the skis and boots.
What targets have you set yourself for the upcoming season?
Marit Björgen: My biggest goals for the upcoming season are of course the World Championships in Val di Fiemme and the Tour de Ski.
With the 11l12 season being so successful did you change your preparations for the following season?
Marit Björgen: the training has been more or less the same as in the past three years. Additionally, however, I worked on my classic technique in ascents. In the 12l13 season I won't be taking part in as many competitions as last year so I will be able to prepare myself as best as I can.
"Advantage if you have the right setup"
Dario Cologna (SUI)
You decided to change to Fischer boots in spring. What were your reasons?
Dario Cologna: I wanted to have the entire package from Fischer. This means I can work even better with Fischer and find the best boot and ski setup.
What impact does the boot/ski setup have on skiing performance?
Dario Cologna: I think it's an advantage if you have the right setup. This means my position on the skis is that bit better and hopefully I can ski faster as a result.
What is the most important aspect for you in terms of the new boots?
Dario Cologna: The good feeling on the skis and the lower weight.
Do the new boots influence your technique – have you had to make any adjustments?
Dario Cologna: No, that hasn't been the case. I felt good right from the beginning and didn't have to change my technique at all, which is of course an advantage.
After such fantastic successes – how do you motivate yourself for the next season?
Dario Cologna: The successes are motivation for me, because what could be better than winning races? We have the World Championships next season again and they're in Val di Fiemme. After the successes in the Tour de Ski and with it being so close to where I come from, it's virtually my second cross country home.
What targets have you set yourself for next season?
Dario Cologna: I have my sights set on the World Championship title.
Do you still get nervous before a race?
Dario Cologna: I'm certainly tense. I think I need that to be ready to race. But no, I wouldn't say I'm nervous.