Martin Johnsrud Sundby (NOR), Alexander Legkov (RUS), Ilia Chernousov (RUS) (l-r)
Petter Northug (NOR), Dario Cologna (SUI)
Martin Johnsrud Sundby (NOR)
Final sprint


Martin Johnsrud Sundby (NOR, Fischer skis and boots) celebrated a podium result in famous 50 kilometres free mass start at Holmenkollen in Oslo. The Norwegian finished second.
Northug and Cologna in problems
A exciting fight of three was supposed - in today's mass start, at bonus sprints and in Overall World Cup: Petter Northug (NOR, Fischer), Dario Cologna (SUI, Fischer skis and boots) and Alexander Legkov (RUS). As in World Champs mass start the pace was very high shortly after the start, many athletes wanted to wear Northug down early in the race and they succeeded. Very often the Norwegian fighted with problems and wasn't able to follow the others but he always closed his gaps again. This wasn't possible for Dario Cologna who didn't look fresh after 30 kilometres aand lost the contact after 39 kilometres. He wasn't able to stay in contact to the chasing group as well.

Sundby only beaten by Legkov
In front of the race the leading group became smaller and smaller: After 41.7 kilometres the leading group of seven inclusive Northug missed out the possibility to exchange skis. When Legkov noticed that Northug suffered with problems again the Russian increased the speed and the Norwegian quickly lost 20 seconds but first he was able to regain a few seconds. The decision should be taken at Gratishaugen just before the stadium but Petter Eliassen (NOR, Fischer) and Sundby closed the door for the others. In the stadium Legkov was able to overtake inside a corner and he ran to meet his victory. Second went to Martin Johnsrud Sundby. Petter Eliassen finished fourth ahead of Roland Clara (ITA, Fischer skis and boots). Petter Northug was able to stay within the chasing group of four and he edged out his opponents in the final sprint to finish sixth, 42 seconds behind the winner, ahead of Maxim Vylegzhanin (RUS, Fischer) and Daniel Richardsson (SWE, Fischer skis and boots). Out of another chasing duo Sjur Roethe (NOR, Fischer) came in tenth followed by Anders Södergren (SWE, Fischer). Dario Cologna finished 19th, in Overall ranking Legkov, Northug and Cologna are within 15 points now.
50k F mass start, Oslo (NOR):
1. Alexander Legkov
RUS 02.07.32,90
2. Martin Johnsrud Sundby
NOR 02.07.34,10
3. Ilia Chernousov
RUS 02.07.34,80
4. Petter Eliassen
NOR 02.07.35,40
5. Roland Clara
ITA 02.07.35,70
6. Petter jr Northug
NOR 02.08.14,90
7. Maxim Vylegzhanin
RUS 02.08.15,70
8. Daniel Rickardsson
SWE 02.08.15,80
9. Tord Asle Gjerdalen
NOR 02.08.22,00
10. Sjur Röthe
NOR 02.08.53,90
11. Anders Södergren
SWE 02.08.54,30
12. Giorgio Di Centa
ITA 02.09.11,10
13. Konstantin Glavatskikh
RUS 02.09.11,40
14. Michail Semenov
BLR 02.09.37,80
15. Dmitriy Japarov
RUS 02.09.44,90