Eric Frenzel (GER)
Eric Frenzel (GER), Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA), Willi Denifl (AUT) (l-r)
Eric Frenzel (GER)
Podium Oslo: Eric Frenzel (GER), Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA), Willi Denifl (AUT) (l-r)
Podium Gesamtweltcup: Eric Frenzel (GER), Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA), Akito Watabe (JPN) (l-r)
Technique team (GER)


Eric Frenzel (GER, Fischer skis and boots) ended his World Cup season with a podium result in nordic combined in Oslo. The German came in second in Gundersen race after 15 kilometres skiing and two jumps.
15 kilometres and two jumps at the end of the season
At the end of this winter the athletes in nordic combined had to participate in an Gundersen competition in the old mode: Two jumps at long hill and 15 kilometres cross-country race. It was an exciting matter because the athletes are unaccustomed to these long races and many athletes had to extemporize their race management. A group of three with Overall World Cup winter Eric Frenzel and Yoshito Watabe (JPN, Fischer skis and boots) soon closed the gap against the best jumper Taihei Kato (JPN, Fischer skis and boots), in the middle of the race three more athletes among others Akito Watabe (JPN, Fischer skis and boots) reached the leading group. A group of five stayed together up to the last kilometre, the decision was made in the final sprint when Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA) edged out Eric Frenzel. Akito Watabe finished fourth ahead of his team mate Taihei Kato. Johannes Rydzek (GER, Fischer skis and boots) started 2:30 minutes behind in twelfth position, showed a great race, shortened the gap against the leaders second by second and finished just 47 seconds behind in sixth spot. Yoshito Watabe came in ninth followed by Francois Braud (FRA, Fischer skis and boots).
HS134/15k, Oslo (NOR):
1. Jason Lamy Chappuis
FRA 00.42.06,50
2. Eric Frenzel
GER 00.42.06,90
3. Wilhelm Denifl
AUT 00.42.08,00
4. Akito Watabe
JPN 00.42.11,60
5. Taihei Kato
JPN 00.42.20,50
6. Johannes Rydzek
GER 00.42.53,60
7. Mario Seidl
AUT 00.42.59,30
8. Sebastien Lacroix
FRA 00.43.10,30
9. Francois Braud
FRA 00.43.29,70
10. Taylor Fletcher
USA 00.43.32,90
11. Magnus Moan
NOR 00.43.38,70
12. Mikko Kokslien
NOR 00.43.42,30
13. Bernhard Gruber
AUT 00.43.59,80
14. Christoph Bieler
AUT 00.44.10,50
15. Haavard Klemetsen
NOR 00.44.35,70