Andreas Wank (GER)
Michael Neumayer (GER)
Severin Freund (GER)
Richard Freitag (GER)


German skijumpers Andreas Wank, Michael Neumayer, Severin Freund and Richard Freitag (all GER, Fischer) didn't offer the others a chance to win at long hill in Lahti. Runner-up went to team Norway ahead of Poland.
More than 40 points advantage
Very early everybody noticed that it would be very hard to beat the German team today: The team didn't make any mistake, was already after the first jump in the lead and increased their lead point by point. After both rounds Andreas Wank, Michael Neumayer, Severin Freund and Richard Freitag were 40.7 points ahead of team Norway along with Rune Velta (NOR, Fischer), Andreas Stjernen (NOR, Fischer), Anders Jacobsen (NOR)and Anders Bardal (NOR, Fischer). Shortly behind team POland consisting of Maciej Kot (POL, Fischer), Piotr Zyla (POL, Fischer), Krysztof Mietus (POL, Fischer) and Kamil Stoch (POL, Fischer) finished third followed by the World Champions from Austria along with Wolfgang Loitzl (AUT), Stefan Kraft (AUT, Fischer), Manuel Fettner (AUT) and Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT, Fischer), seven points behind Poland.

HS130 Team, Lahti (FIN):
1. Wank Andreas
GER 117.5 1079.5
1. Neumayer Michael
GER 120.5 1079.5
1. Freund Severin
GER 125.5 1079.5
1. Freitag Richard
GER 124.0 1079.5
2. Velta Rune
NOR 110.5 1038.8
2. Stjernen Andreas
NOR 122.5 1038.8
2. Jacobsen Anders
NOR 125.0 1038.8
2. Bardal Anders
NOR 128.0 1038.8
3. Kot Maciej
POL 119.0 1036.2
3. Zyla Piotr
POL 115.5 1036.2
3. Mietus Krzysztof
POL 119.0 1036.2
3. Stoch Kamil
POL 121.5 1036.2
4. Loitzl Wolfgang
AUT 112.5 1029.2
4. Kraft Stefan
AUT 122.5 1029.2
4. Fettner Manuel
AUT 122.5 1029.2
4. Schlierenzauer Gregor
AUT 123.0 1029.2