Johan Olsson (SWE)
Attacke Johan Olsson (SWE)
Johan Olsson (SWE), Dario Cologna (SUI)
Johan Olsson (SWE)
Dario Cologna (SUI)
Dario Cologna (SUI)
Alexey Poltoranin (KAZ)


Johan Olsson (SWE, Fischer) celebrated victory in an atypical 50k mass start in classical technique. Silver went to Dario Cologna (SUI, Fischer skis and boots) ahead of Alexey Poltoranin (KAZ, Fischer skis and boots).

Swiss-Swedish team work overpowers Northug
They wanted to give Petter Northug (NOR, Fischer) a run for his money conflicted with other mass start races: From start to finish the pace was very high. Already after 1.5 kilometres the first attack was launched, after eleven kilometres the key attack was made by Johan Olsson who was attended by Dario Cologna for the next ten kilometres. Due to the high pace many athletes had a lot of problems to stay in contact with the chasing group, among them Petter Northug who finally dropped back a few kilometres before finish. But nobody was able to catch the new World Champion : Johan Olsson won twelve seconds ahead of his first chasers and gilded Swedish silver-team. Although the Swiss fell twice Dario Cologna was rewarded by his attck with Olsson with the silver medal. Skiathlon World Champion increased the pace at "Zorzi"-uphill just before the stadium and was able to open a gap along with three other athletes. Noone was able to beat him on his way to the stadium and he was able to celebrate another medal. Bronce went to Alexey Poltoranin who edged out Alexander Legkov (RUS) in the final stretch. Hannes Dotzler (GER, Fischer) finished seventh ahead of Maxim Vylegzhanin (RUS, Fischer). Daniel Richardsson (SWE, Fischer skis and boots) completed top ten.

50k C Mass start, Val di Fiemme (ITA):
1. Johan Olsson
SWE 2:10:41.4
2. Dario Cologna
SUI 2:10:54.3
3. Alexey Poltoranin
KAZ 2:10:58.2
4. Alexander Legkov
RUS 2:11:00.9
5. Eldar Roenning
NOR 2:11:01.6
6. Tord Asle Gjerdalen
NOR 2:11:13.7
7. Hannes Dotzler
GER 2:11:14.1
8. Maxim Vylegzhanin
RUS 2:11:16.0
9. Jens Filbrich
GER 2:11:19.9
10. Daniel Richardsson
SWE 2:11:22.7
11. Dmitriy Japarov
RUS 2:11:23.6
12. Keishin Yoshida
JPN 2:11:25.6
13. Tobias Angerer
GER 2:11:26.8
14. Petter Eliassen
NOR 2:11:36.2
15. Anders Soedergren
SWE 2:11:40.5