Yuki Ito (JPN)
Anders Bardal (NOR)
Richard Freitag (GER)
Ulrike Grässler (GER)
Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (AUT)
Taku Takeuchi (JPN)


As supposed the Japanese skijumpers Yuki Ito (JPN, Fischer), Daiki Ito (JPN, Fischer), Sara Takanashi (JPN) and Taku Takeuchi (JPN, Fischer) secured the first World Championship title ever in mixed competition. They won ahead of Austria and Germany.
Japanese athletes unbeatable
Japanese mixed quartet played their favorite role in the first mixed competition in skijumping World Champs history. The athletes from Land of the Rising Sun lost a lot of points in both rounds after 90 ans 91.5 metres of their first athlete Yuki Ito who burst into tears after their success. But her three compatriots were able to made up for their backlog with six great jumps beyond 100 metres. Round about 25 points behind the Japanese Chiara Hölzl (AUT), Thomas Morgenstern (AUT, Fischer), Jacqueline Seifriedsberger (AUT, Fischer) and Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT, Fischer) celebrated silver medal. In both rounds Schlierenzauer was well served with his style points which possibly brought team Austria their silver medal. After eight jumps they were just 1.8 points ahead of team Germany consisting of Ulrike Grässler (GER, Fischer), Richard Freitag (GER, Fischer), Carina Vogt (GER, Fischer) and Severin Freund (GER, Fischer). Norway along with Maren Lundby (NOR, Fischer), Tom Hilde (NOR, Fischer), Anette Sagen (NOR, Fischer) and Anders Bardal (NOR, Fischer) came in fourth.
Mixed Team, Val di Fiemme (ITA):
1. Ito Yuki
JPN 90.0 91.5 1011.0
1. Ito Daiki
JPN 100.0 100.0 1011.0
1. Takanashi Sara
JPN 101.5 106.5 1011.0
1. Takeuchi Taku
JPN 100.5 101.5 1011.0
2. Hoelzl Chiara
AUT 92.5 98.5 986.7
2. Morgenstern Thomas
AUT 99.5 100.0 986.7
2. Seifriedsberger Jacqueline
AUT 97.5 99.5 986.7
2. Schlierenzauer Gregor
AUT 99.0 100.0 986.7
3. Graessler Ulrike
GER 96.5 97.0 984.9
3. Freitag Richard
GER 102.5 97.0 984.9
3. Vogt Carina
GER 95.5 98.0 984.9
3. Freund Severin
GER 96.5 99.5 984.9
4. Lundby Maren
NOR 91.0 93.0 969.3
4. Hilde Tom
NOR 102.0 98.5 969.3
4. Sagen Anette
NOR 92.5 96.5 969.3
4. Bardal Anders
NOR 100.5 101.0 969.3