Dario Cologna (SUI)
Marit Bjoergen (NOR)
Marit Bjoergen (NOR)
Kristin Steira, Heidi Weng, Therese Johaug, Marit Bjoergen (NOR) (l-r)
Therese Johaug, Marit Bjoergen, Heidi Weng (NOR) (l-r)
Martin Johnsrud Sundby (NOR), Dario Cologna (SUI), Sjur Roethe (NOR) (l-r)
Martin Johnsrud Sundby (NOR)
Tobias Angerer (GER), Dario Cologna (SUI)


Marit Bjoergen (NOR, Fischer skis and boots) secured her second World Championship title in second race in Val di Fiemme. The Norwegian succeded ahead of three team mates and Justyna Kowalczyk (POL, Fischer skis and boots). Olympic Champion Dario Cologna (SUI, Fischer skis and boots) secured World Championship title in men's skiathlon ahead of three Norwegians.
Four Norwegians ahead of Kowalczyk
Justyna Kowalczyk had imagined things to be quite different: The Polish abandonned the Norwegian superiority in skiathlon at Nordic Ski World Champs. At the ski exchange after 7.5 kilometres surprisingly ten athletes (all five Norwegians, Justyna Kowalczyk, Charlotte Kalla (SWE, Fischer) and three Finns) were together but in the uphill after the stadium the leading group came undone. Four Norwegians plus the Polish - it was the new leading group for the next five kilometres. In all uphills Kowalczyk who outed herself as "very nervous" on her Facebook site just before the race had to fight to stay in contact. When the pace was increased again two kilometres before finish Marit Bjoergen and Therese Johaug (NOR, Fischer) escaped, Kristin Stoermer Steira (NOR) and Heidi Weng (NOR)  wasn't able to follow and Kowalczyk totally lost the contact. The final decision for victory was made at the last uphill before the stadium: Therese Johaug attacked but her compatriot conterattacked and opened the gap against Johaug. Marit Bjoergen celebrated her second title during this Worls Championships - her tenth triumph alltogether. Therese Johaug could be happy about her silver medal. Justyna Kowalczyk visibly disappointed finished fifth. Sixth went to Charlotte Kalla. The Swede showed a great performance in classical part of the race but just after the ski exchange she lost the contact and came in just before Yulia Tchkaleva (RUS, Fischer).

First on the ground - then on top!
Dario Cologna is new World Champion in skiathlon! The Swiss reached his big aim in a curious race and celebrated his first World Championship title. He was a medal candidate in sprint race and passed it to concentrate totally on today's race. And it started very bad: After four kilometres Dario Cologna was touched by an opponent's pole. Therefore he fell and it cost him many spots indensely packed field. Alltogether at least 3/4 of the race a very slow pace was skied and round about 50 athletes stayed together up to the first intensification of speed. During the second free lap Martin Johnsrud Sundby (NOR, Fischer skis and boots) skied away unintentionally for a few kilometres after Petter Northug (NOR, Fischer) and Roethe (NOR, Fischer) blocked the others. He escaped 15 seconds but noone wanted to catch him until he came back into the group after a few kilometres. Finally Dario Cologna took the lead in the final lap, attacked in the uphill and surprised Northug & Co. who wasn't in his best shape today and obviously qould have lost the contact much earlier with a higher pace. Cologna opened a gap together with Maxim Vylegzhanin (RUS, Fischer) and Norwegians Sundby and Roethe and ran to meet his first gold medal. Petter Northug tried to shorten the gap again but he was just able to catch the Russian - so silver and bronce went to his team mates Sundby and Roethe. Swedes Calle Halfvarsson (SWE, Fischer) and Marcus Hellner (SWE, Fischer) came in seventh and eighth ahead of Tobias Angerer (GER, Fischer skis and boots) and Jean Marc Gaillard (FRA, Fischer skis and boots).
2x7,5k Skiathlon Women, Val di Fiemme (ITA):
1. Marit Bjørgen
NOR 00.39.04,40
2. Therese Johaug
NOR 00.39.07,80
3. Heidi Weng
NOR 00.39.19,30
4. Kristin Störmer Steira
NOR 00.39.20,70
5. Justyna Kowalczyk
POL 00.39.31,50
6. Charlotte Kalla
SWE 00.39.45,60
7. Yulia Tchekaleva
RUS 00.39.51,30
8. Krista Lähteenmäki
FIN 00.39.53,20
9. Astrid Jacobsen
NOR 00.40.10,90
10. Masako Ishida
JPN 00.40.11,90
11. Julia Ivanova
RUS 00.40.21,50
12. Kerttu Niskanen
FIN 00.40.33,10
13. Aurore Jean
FRA 00.40.35,40
14. Emma Wiken
SWE 00.40.36,30
15. Anna Haag
SWE 00.40.47,50
2x15km Skiathlon Herren, Val di Fiemme (ITA):
1. Dario Cologna
SUI 01.13.09,30
2. Martin Johnsrud Sundby
NOR 01.13.11,10
3. Sjur Röthe
NOR 01.13.11,30
4. Petter jr Northug
NOR 01.13.14,50
5. Maxim Vylegzhanin
RUS 01.13.15,40
6. Alexander Legkov
RUS 01.13.19,40
7. Calle Halfvarsson
SWE 01.13.20,90
8. Marcus Hellner
SWE 01.13.21,30
9. Tobias Angerer
GER 01.13.21,70
10. Jean Marc Gaillard
FRA 01.13.22,00
11. Evgeniy Belov
RUS 01.13.22,30
12. Tord Asle Gjerdalen
NOR 01.13.22,70
13. Alex Harvey
CAN 01.13.25,40
14. Curdin Perl
SUI 01.13.25,90
15. Johannes Dürr
AUT 01.13.26,00