Fredrik Lindström (SWE)
Ondrej Moravec (CZE)
Simon Fourcade (FRA)
Björn Ferry (SWE)
Andi Birnbacher (GER)


Fredrik Lindström (SWE, Fischer skis and boots) secured first medal for team Sweden at biathlon World Championships in Nove Mesto.
Lindström on podium
Fredrik Lindström crowned his perfect performance during this World Championships with an eighth and a seventh spot in sprint and pursuit with today's bronce medal. The Swede shot clear until the last standing stage when he missed one target which cost him the victory. Ondrej Moravec (CZE, Fischer) aspired his home crowd to another bronce medal for Czech Republic despite his two misses with the fastest ski time until he was sqeezed out by Tim Burke (USA). Björn Ferry (SWE, Fischer skis and boots) showed his best skiing performance during this winter and finished fifth after one miss in the first stage followed by Simon Fourcade (FRA, Fischer skis and boots). The Frenchman with his high starting bib made his brother Martin (FRA) tremble for gold medal until he recieved a penalty. Andreas Birnbacher (GER, Fischer) came in eighth ahead of Henrik L'Abee-Lund (NOR, Fischer skis and boots).

Individual Men, Nove Mesto (CZE):
1. Martin Fourcade
FRA 1 00.49.43,00
2. Tim Burke
USA 1 00.50.06,50
3. Fredrik Lindström
SWE 1 00.50.16,70
4. Ondřej Moravec
CZE 2 00.50.31,60
5. Björn Ferry
SWE 1 00.50.54,80
6. Simon Fourcade
FRA 1 00.51.01,40
7. Lukas Hofer
ITA 2 00.51.02,00
8. Andreas Birnbacher
GER 2 00.51.19,60
9. Henrik L'Abée-Lund
NOR 2 00.51.20,30
10. Jean-Philippe Leguellec
CAN 1 00.51.31,40
11. Yan Savitskiy
KAZ 1 00.51.36,80
12. Tarjei Bø
NOR 2 00.51.40,70
13. Jean Guillaume Beatrix
FRA 2 00.51.50,60
14. Dominik Landertinger
AUT 2 00.52.00,00
15. Alexey Volkov
RUS 2 00.52.01,90