Björn KIrcheisen (GER)
Akito Watabe (JPN)
Taihei Kato (JPN)


Björn Kircheisen (GER, Fischer skis and boots) celebrated victory in first competition at nordic combined World Cup in Kazhak Almaty. The Saxon won ahead of Akito Watabe (JPN, Fischer skis and boots).
Correct decision of Kircheisen
Björn Kircheisen did everything correctly: He was one of the few top stars who travelled to Almaty and will go home on Monday full of self-confidence. The German started in ninth position into cross-country race after a good jump, round about one minute back, and started a catch-up-race. After six kilometres a group of four caught up best jumper Mario Seidl (AUT, Fischer skis and boots), after 8.5 kilometres Kircheisen started a deciding attack and destroyed the group. Kircheisen succeeded without any problem with a five second advantage ahead of his first chaser Akito Watabe (JPN, Fischer skis and boots). His compatriot Taihei Kato (JPN, Fischer skis and boots) finished fourth followed by Mario Seidl. Leader of chasing group Miroslav Dvorak (SVK, Fischer) came in sixth, 37 seconds behind. Japans Hideaki Nagai and Yoshito Watabe (both JPN, Fischer skis and boots) finished ninth and tenth.
HS140/10km, Almaty (KAZ):
1. Björn Kircheisen
GER 00.25.09,60
2. Akito Watabe
JPN 00.25.14,90
3. Christoph Bieler
AUT 00.25.19,80
4. Taihei Kato
JPN 00.25.24,90
5. Mario Seidl
AUT 00.25.28,20
6. Miroslav Dvorak
CZE 00.25.47,40
7. Wilhelm Denifl
AUT 00.25.56,50
8. Tomaz Druml
AUT 00.25.59,50
9. Hideaki Nagai
JPN 00.25.59,80
10. Yoshito Watabe
JPN 00.26.00,20
11. Jan Schmid
NOR 00.26.07,70
12. Wolfgang Bösl
GER 00.26.16,00
13. Janis Morweiser
GER 00.26.35,50
14. Janne Ryynänen
FIN 00.26.36,20
15. Marjan Jelenko
SLO 00.26.50,80