Sjur Roethe (NOR)
Sjur Roethe, Martin Johnsrud Sundby, Didrik Toenseth, Eldar Roenning (NOR) (l-r)
Marcus Hellner (SWE), Sjur Roethe (NOR), Martin Jaks (CZE), Ilia Chernousov (RUS) (l-r)
Marit Bjoergen (NOR)
Therese Johaug, Kristin Steira, Heidi Weng, Marit Bjoergen (NOR) (l-r)
Kerttu Niskanen, Riitta Liisa Roponen, Aino Kaisa Saarinen, Anne Kyllönen (FIN) (l-r)
Anouk Faivre Picon, Coraline Hugue, Celia Aymonier, Aurore Jean (FRA) (l-r)


Norwegian relay consisting of Eldar Roenning (NOR), Didrik Toenseth (NOR), Martin Johnsrud Sundby (NOR, Fischer skis and boots) and Sjur Roethe (NOR, Fischer skis and boots) secured victory in La Clusaz ahead of Sweden and Czech Republic. Norwegian girls Heidi Weng (NOR), Therese Johaug (NOR, Fischer), Kristin Steira (NOR) und Marit Bjoergen (NOR, Fischer skis and boots) justified their role as the favorite. They won women's relay ahead of Finland and Norway II.
Norway best in final stretch, Russia dogged by bad luck
Team Norway showed in La Clusaz that they are able to win without their anchorman Petter Northug (NOR, Fischer). But they also benefitted of Marcus Hellner (SWE, Fischer), in team with Daniel Richardsson (SWE, Fischer skis and boots), Johan Olsson (SWE, Fischer) and Calle Halfvarsson (SWE, Fischer), who chose the same corridor in the final sprint as Sjur Roethe and Hellner wasn't able to do that powerful skating steps. Third went to Czech Republicconsisting of Jiri Magal (CZE, Fischer), Lukas Bauer (CZE, Fischer), Ales Razym (CZE, Fischer skis and boots) and Martin Jaks (CZE). Just five metres before crossing the line Russian Ilia Chernousov (RUS) sticked into the snow with his ski and belly-landed. Therefor he obviously assigned a podium finish and his compatriots Evgeniy Belov (RUS, Fischer), Maxim Vylegzhanin (RUS, Fischer) and Alexander Legkov (RUS) had to console him.

Early big advantages
As in mass starts on Saturday today there were difficult conditions for waxing staff with +8°C and a few teams had a lot of wax problems again. Above all the high altitude with 1450 metres provoked big differences between all nine starting teams. During the first minutes of the race the group stayed together until Vibeke Skofterud (NOR II, Fischer) caused a crash after 2.5 kilometres and Anne Kyllönen (FIN, Fischer skis and boots), Aurore Jean (FRA, Fischer) and Sofia Bleckur (SWE, Fischer) as well as Norwegian and Russian team went away. Soon the Swede and the Russian wasn't able to follow and dropped back - as well as Heidi Weng who lost twelve seconds until the exchange. Therese Johaug caught up this difference very soon and the Norwegian escaped together with the Finn. Celia Aymonier (FRA, Fischer skis and boots) dropped back behind the chasing group until the handover. In front of the race Riitta-Liisa Roponen (FIN, Fischer skis and boots) showed a great performance against their Norwegian opponents, caught up eight seconds and handed over to Kerttu Niskanen (FIN, Fischer skis and boots) and Marit Bjoergen at the same time. The Norwegian let her opponent set the pace at the beginning but during the last lap she got down to business and won 27 seconds ahead of Finland. Third went to Norway II despite slow Skofterud ahead of Sweden and France.

Relay Men, La Clusaz (FRA):
1. Öystein Pettersen
NOR 01.17.22,50
2. Schweden
SWE 01.17.23,00
3. Tschechien
CZE 01.17.23,30
4. Russland 1
RUS 01.17.31,80
5. Deutschland
GER 01.18.23,80
6. Russland 2
RUS 01.18.28,50
7. Schweiz
SUI 01.18.29,80
8. Italien 1
ITA 01.19.08,80
9. Frankreich 1
FRA 01.20.12,40
10. USA
USA 01.20.25,10
11. Kasachstan
KAZ 01.20.49,00
12. Italien 2
ITA 01.21.27,60
13. Frankreich 2
FRA 01.22.09,30
DNF. Lasse Paakkonen
Relay Women, La Clusaz (FRA):
1. Norwegen 1
NOR 00.57.05,40
2. Finnland
FIN 00.57.33,30
3. Norwegen 2
NOR 00.58.09,10
4. Schweden
SWE 00.58.15,10
5. Frankreich
FRA 00.58.19,40
6. Deutschland
GER 00.58.47,30
7. Italien
ITA 00.59.36,40
8. Russland
RUS 01.00.18,50
9. USA
USA 01.00.57,40