Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT)
Anders Jacobsen (NOR), Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT), Stefan Kraft (AUT) (l-r)
Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT)
Anders Jacobsen (NOR), Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT), Tom Hilde (NOR) (l-r)


Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT, Fischer) celebrated victory in last event of Four-Hills-Tournament as well as in Overall ranking.
Schlierenzauer outclasses everyone
After Gregor Schlierenzauer was clearly behind his rival Anders Jacobsen (NOR) after two of four events of Four-Hills-Tournament the Austrian regained lost points especially in Innsbruck so he secured Overall victory with a 13 point advantage. Today just 2,3 points were behind the opponents. "I didn't notice who how Anders' jump was but according to the athmosphere I thought it was a long jump. I showed a great performance as well but I have to compliment Anders: He displayed a great Four-Hills-Tournament" Schlierenzauer stated. "It is important for me to concentrate on myself and obviously this pressure suits me - then diamonds can age." Stefan Kraft (AUT, Fischer) from national group surprised with his first World Cup podium ever followed by Kamil Stoch (POL, Fischer) and Anders Bardal (NOR, Fischer). Thomas Morgenstern (AUT, Fischer) came in sixth ahead of Dmitry Vassiliev (RUS, Fischer) and Michael Neumayer (GER, Fischer). Tom Hilde (NOR, Fischer) who secured third place in Overall ranking shortly ahead of Stoch and Bardal finished ninth ahead of Maciej Kot (POL, Fischer).
HS140, Bischofshofen (AUT):
1. Gregor Schlierenzauer
AUT 133 137.5 272.7
2. Anders Jacobsen
NOR 131.5 139 270.4
3. Stefan Kraft
AUT 131 131 261.3
4. Kamil Stoch
POL 131 131.5 260.2
5. Anders Bardal
NOR 130 130 257.3
6. Thomas Morgenstern
AUT 132 127 253.7
7. Dimitry Vassiliev
RUS 132 130.5 252.9
8. Michael Neumayer
GER 132 128.5 251.5
9. Tom Hilde
NOR 126.5 130 250.9
10. Maciej Kot
POL 132 126 250.8
11. Jaka Hvala
SLO 128.5 127 250.4
12. Richard Freitag
GER 130 125 248.1
13. Andreas Kofler
AUT 128.5 126 247.2
14. Jan Matura
CZE 129.5 125 246.2
15. Peter Prevc
SLO 127.5 130 245.2