Charlotte Kalla (SWE), Marit Bjoergen (NOR), Vibeke Skofterud (NOR) (l-r)
Marit Bjoergen (NOR)
Petter Northug (NOR), Johan Olsson (SWE), Roland Clara (ITA) (l-r)
Johan Olsson (SWE)


Marit Bjoergen (NOR, Fischer skis and boots) and Johan Olsson (SWE, Fischer) claimed victory at the first World Cup in Sjusjoen (NOR). They dominated their races in free style ahead of other Fischer-athletes.
Bjoergen scores 47th victory
Marit Bjoergen was unbeatable again. She scored her 47th victory in her World Cup career 27 seconds ahead of Charlotte Kalla (SWE) and her team mate Vibeke Skofterud (NOR, both Fischer). "I'm very happy with my race and I was very nervous before the race. I didn't know if I was in good shape. I'm happy to stand on top of the podium together with Vibeke Skofterud", Marit Bjoergen says. Biathlete Tora Berger (NOR, Fischer skis, boots and poles) did a very good race finishing 4th although she lost time at the last few kilometres. Therese Johaug (NOR, Fischer) took 7th place ahead of Kikkan Randall (USA, Fischer) in 8th place. Justyna Kowalczyk (POL, Fischer skis and boots) became 10th.

Olsson: "I wanted to race like Ole Einar Bjoerndalen!"
Johan Olsson from Sweden was obviously the fastest man today in Sjusjoen. He clearly noted the fastest times at all intermediate points and thus ensured his second World Cup victory with an advantage of 31 seconds ahead of Petter Northug (NOR, Fischer) and Roland Clara (ITA, Fischer skis and boots). "I would have never thought to win todays race. I wanted to race the same way like my idol Ole Einar Bjoerndalen and concentrate on my own race", Olsson says. His team mate Calle Halfvarsson (SWE, Fischer) claimed 4th place ahead of Alex Harvey (CAN), Remo Fischer (SUI) and Dario Cologna (SUI, all Fischer).
Damen 10 km FT, Sjusjoen (NOR):
1. Marit Bjoergen
NOR 00.24.22,30
2. Charlotte Kalla
SWE 00.24.49,40
3. Vibeke W. Skofterud
NOR 00.24.51,30
4. Tora Berger
NOR 00.25.05,30
5. Kristin Stoermer Steira
NOR 00.25.05,90
6. Marthe Kristoffersen
NOR 00.25.12,30
7. Therese Johaug
NOR 00.25.20,40
8. Kikkan Randall
USA 00.25.20,50
9. Ingvild Flugstad Oestberg
NOR 00.25.33,40
10. Justyna Kowalczyk
POL 00.25.34,60
11. Krista Lahteenmaki
FIN 00.25.36,00
12. Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen
NOR 00.25.40,00
13. Heidi Weng
NOR 00.25.40,10
14. Maria Rydqvist
SWE 00.25.48,00
15. Anna Haag
SWE 00.25.48,10
Herren 15 km FT, Sjusjoen (NOR):
1. Johan Olsson
SWE 00.32.40,90
2. Petter Northug
NOR 00.33.12,10
3. Roland Clara
ITA 00.33.12,30
4. Calle Halfvarsson
SWE 00.33.19,50
5. Alex Harvey
CAN 00.33.21,50
6. Remo Fischer
SUI 00.33.22,10
7. Dario Cologna
SUI 00.33.22,60
8. Lars Berger
NOR 00.33.24,60
9. Marcus Hellner
SWE 00.33.24,70
10. Alexey Poltoranin
KAZ 00.33.30,20
11. Alexander Legkov
RUS 00.33.39,30
12. David Hofer
ITA 00.33.39,40
13. Martin Johnsrud Sundby
NOR 00.33.39,90
14. Tobias Angerer
GER 00.33.44,10
15. Emil Hegle Svendsen
NOR 00.33.45,70