Seraina Boner (SUI)
Seraina Boner (SUI)
Stephanie Santer (ITA), Seraina Boner (SUI), Jenny Hansson (SWE) (l-r)
Stephanie Santer (ITA)
Roger Aa Djupvik (NOR)
Espen Harald Bjerke (NOR)


Seraina Boner (SUI, Fischer) claimed victory at the Birkebeinerrennet over 54 kilometre in classical style ahead of her brand mates Stephanie Santer (ITA, Fischer skis, boots and poles) and Jenny Hansson (SWE, Fischer). On the men's side Roger Aa Djupvik (NOR, Fischer), Espen Harald Bjerke (NOR, Fischer) and Anders Soedergren only had to accept defeat against Anders Aukland (NOR).
Over 16.000 competitores started on the footsteps of king Haakon from Rena to Lillehammer today. The fastest woman on the track was Seraine Boner, who finished after 2:47:03 hours and thus claimed victory ath the Birkebeinerrennet for the second time. "The first five kilometres were so hard I wasn't sure if I would make it.  But I had perfect skis.At the end I am very very happy to have been able to win this fantastic race again," said the overwhelmed winner.  Second place was taken by Stephanie Santer who thus was able to celebrate the victory in the FIS Marathon Cup. The Italian won with 551 points followed by Seraine Boner (485 points) and Jenny Hansson (442 points).
Birkebeinerrennet 54 km CT Women:
1. Seraina Boner
SUI 2:47:03.0
2. Stephanie Santer
ITA 2:50:08.0
3. Jenny Hansson
SWE 2:50:37.0
4. Antonella Confortola Wyatt
ITA 2:51:37.0
5. Tuva Toftdahl Staver
NOR 2:52:10.0
6. Silje Oeyre Slind
NOR 2:53:11.0
7. Marte Monrad-hansen
NOR 2:54:35.0
8. Astrid Oeyre Slind
NOR 2:55:53.0
9. Laila Kveli
NOR 2:56:28.0
10. Kari Vikhagen Gjeitnes
NOR 2:58:11.0
11. Elodie Bourgeois Pin
FRA 3:01:24.0
Birkebeinerrennet 54 km CT Men:
1. Anders Aukland
NOR 2:21:34.0
2. Roger Aa Djupvik
NOR 2:21:58.0
3. Espen Harald Bjerke
NOR 2:22:09.0
4. Anders Soedergren
SWE 2:22:24.0
5. Toni Livers
SUI 2:23:35.0
6. Hannes Dotzler
GER 2:24:19.0
7. Joergen Brink
SWE 2:24:54.0
8. Chris Andre Jespersen
NOR 2:25:17.0
9. Mathias Fredriksson
SWE 2:25:44.0
10. Morten Eide Pedersen
NOR 2:25:47.0
11. Florian Kostner
ITA 2:26:31.0
12. Arne Post
NOR 2:26:33.0
13. Jens Eriksson
SWE 2:27:17.0