(l-r) Anders Bardal, Daiki Ito, Lukas Hlava
Daiki Ito
Anders Bardal
Lukas Hlava


Daiki Ito (JPN, Fischer) has won the Normal Hill Ski Jumping competition in Lahti (FIN). After two rounds he enforced against Anders Bardal (NOR, Fischer) and Lukas Hlava (CZE, Fischer).

Again shifting to Normal Hill

As the team competition yesterday, the individual competition today was shifted to the Normal Hill, to avoid the strong wind influence on the Large Hill. Normally the men don’t jump from the Normal Hill in the World Cup and so some athletes had problems with the changes in requirements. Daiki Ito coped best with this smaller jumping hill. Indeed he couldn’t show the longest jump whether in the first nor in the second round, but made two good jumps, which brought him a clear victory.


Bardal and Hlava also on the podium

Second and third place went to Norwegian Anders Bardal and Czech Lukas Hlava. Both had shown shorter jumps in the first round but fought their ways back in the second round. Behind former Nordic Combined athlete Anssi Koivuranta (FIN) Taku Takeuchi (JPN, Fischer) and Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT, Fischer) completed the Top-6.      

Men Normal Hill Lahti (FIN):
1. Daiki Ito
JPN 92 92 245,5
2. Anders Bardal
NOR 96 96 239,2
3. Lukas Hlava
CZE 94.5 94.5 237,2
4. Anssi Koivuranta
FIN 91.5 91.5 234,3
5. Taku Takeuchi
JPN 90.5 90.5 232,5
6. Gregor Schlierenzauer
AUT 89.5 89.5 229,3
7. Thomas Morgenstern
AUT 93.5 93.5 228,5
8. Simon Ammann
SUI 91.5 91.5 228,4
9. Jaka Hvala
SLO 91 91 227,9
10. Piotr Zyla
POL 86 86 227,7
11. Anders Fannemel
NOR 87 87 225,9
12. Maciej Kot
POL 86.5 86.5 224,3
13. Richard Freitag
GER 89.5 89.5 222,7
14. Andreas Wank
GER 93 93 222,5
15. Vegard Sklett
NOR 90 90 221,7