Daniela Iraschko
Daniela Iraschko
Ulrike Gräßler
Ulrike Gräßler


During the Ski Jumping World Cup in Zao (JAP) Daniela Iraschko (AUT, Fischer) and Ulrike Gräßler (GER, Fischer) jumped to third place in the first respectively the second competition today. In the second competition the second jump was canceled.
Iraschko on the way to second place in the overall World Cup
In the first competition today in Zao Srah Hendrickson (USA) took first place with a very good first and a good second jump. In second place came local hero Sra Takanashi (JAP) with to very long jumps but not so good judges points. Third place went to Daniela Iraschko, who made a huge step towards second place in the overall World Cup. The following places were taken by Melanie Faißt (GER), Line Jahr (NOR) and Ulrike Gräßler (GER, Fischer).

Gräßler fights for third place overall
Only three hours after the first competition already the second one was started. But due to bad weather conditions only the first jump was counted and the second round was canceled. With by far the longest jump of the day Sara Takanashi was the winner of this competition. She compensated a not so good landing with this length. Second place went to Sarah Hendrickson. Ulrike Gräßler took third place and still has the chance to get third in the Overall World Cup. The following places went to Line Jahr, Coline Mattel (FRA, Fischer) and Jessica Jerome (USA).
Women HS100 Zao (JPN):
1. Sarah Hendrickson
USA 25380
2. Sara Takanashi
JPN 25270
3. Daniela Iraschko
AUT 24420
4. Melanie Faißt
GER 22140
5. Line Jahr
NOR 21930
6. Ulrike Gräßler
GER 21480
7. Kaori Iwabuchi
JPN 21390
8. Yuki Ito
JPN 20980
9. Jessica Jerome
USA 20970
10. Katja Pozun
SLO 20860
11. Lindsey Van
USA 20610
12. Ayumi Watase
JPN 20500
13. Atsuko Tanaka
JPN 20220
14. Evelyn Insam
ITA 19730
14. Maja Vtic
SLO 19730
Women HS100 Zao (JPN):
1. Sara Takanashi
JPN 124900
2. Sarah Hendrickson
USA 113700
3. Ulrike Gräßler
GER 109200
4. Line Jahr
NOR 106600
5. Coline Mattel
FRA 105500
6. Jessica Jerome
USA 104800
7. Daniela Iraschko
AUT 103300
8. Maja Vtic
SLO 102400
8. Lindsey Van
USA 102400
10. Anette Sagen
NOR 101200
11. Kaori Iwabuchi
JPN 101000
12. Yoshiko Kasai
JPN 099400
13. Irina Taktaeva
RUS 098200
14. Melanie Faißt
GER 094400
15. Anna Häfele
GER 093400