Martin Koch, Gregor Schlierenzauer, Andreas Kofler, Thomas Morgenstern (AUT)
Andreas Wank, Richard Freitag, Severin Freund, Maximilian Mechler (GER)
Jernej Damjan, Jurij Tepes, Robert Kranjec, Jure Sinkovec (SLO)


The Austrian eagles Thomas Morgenstern, Andreas Kofler, Gregor Schlierenzauer und Martin Koch (all AUT, Fischer) secured victory in ski flying team event in Vikersund.
Austrians win exciting event
Today ski flying on a very high level was shown due to fair conditions and less wind. Therefor it was possible to show seven flights with more than 200 metres for each nation on podium. Goldmedal went to favorites from Austria who reached 1648,4 points. But they were just 23 points ahead of the strong German team in line-up with Fischer-athletes Andreas Wank, Richard Freitag and Severin Freund (all GER, Fischer) showed a great performance toether with their team mate Maximilian Mechler and were fisghting hard against the Slovenian team in line-up with Jernej Damjan, Jurij Tepes, World Champion Robert Kranjec (all SLO, Fischer) and their mate Jure Sinkovec. Slovenians were 45 points back after eight flights in two rounds. Originally a tight fight was supposed between Austria and Norway but the local hero's were only able to show a good performance of Rune Velta (NOR, Fischer) while the team lost too many metres. They ended in fourth position, more than 100 points behind Austria.
Team, Vikersund (NOR):
1. Morgenstern Thomas
AUT 224.5 225.5 1648.4
1. Kofler Andreas
AUT 212.5 210.5 1648.4
1. Schlierenzauer Gregor
AUT 217.0 190.5 1648.4
1. Koch Martin
AUT 217.5 218.0 1648.4
2. Wank Andreas
GER 211.0 214.0 1625.2
2. Freitag Richard
GER 223.5 230.0 1625.2
2. Mechler Maximilian
GER 199.5 208.0 1625.2
2. Freund Severin
GER 212.0 213.5 1625.2
3. Damjan Jernej
SLO 202.0 211.0 1580.4
3. Tepes Jurij
SLO 202.0 217.5 1580.4
3. Sinkovec Jure
SLO 199.5 208.0 1580.4
3. Kranjec Robert
SLO 235.5 205.0 1580.4
4. Romoeren Bjoern Einar
NOR 196.0 172.5 1542.2
4. Fannemel Anders
NOR 206.5 199.0 1542.2
4. Velta Rune
NOR 229.0 243.0 1542.2
4. Bardal Anders
NOR 194.5 211.0 1542.2