Robert Kranjec (SLO)
Rune Velta (NOR)
Martin Koch (AUT)
Rune Velta (NOR), Robert Kranjec (SLO), Martin Koch (AUT) (l-r)
Robert Kranjec (SLO)
Martin Koch (AUT)


Robert Kranjec (SLO, Fischer) secured gold medal in ski flying in Vikersund. The Slovenian won ahead of Rune Velta (NOR, Fischer) and Martin Koch (AUT, Fischer).
Difficult wind conditions
The individual competition in Vikersund was clearly influenced by difficult wind conditions. Originally four rounds were planned as in every ski flying World Champs but yesterday the first round had to be cancelled five jumpers before the end after waiting for hours. Instead of that three rounds were planned for today but only two could be held. Today were very strong winds, too - a strong upcurrent in the first round and even tailwind during the second half of the final round. The athletes needs to have good luck on their side.
Kranjec becomes World Champion, Koch falls
Nevertheless with Robert Kranjec one of the best ski flyers camne out on top. He celebrated victory after flights at 217,5 and 244 metres three points ahead of local hero Rune Velta who was in the lead after the first round. Frustration was written on Martin Koch's face after his final jump which ended in third place. The Carinthian landed with his weight nearly at one foot and the absolute top favorite for World Championship fell in the outrun. Severin Freund (GER, Fischer) could be very happy with his final jump under worst conditions and moved up from six to four. Daiki Ito (JPN, Fischer) was ranked fifth ahead of Andreas Kofler (AUT, Fischer) and Anders Bardal (NOR, Fischer). Eighth went to Thomas Morgenstern (AUT, Fischer) followed by Richard Freitag (GER, Fischer) and Kamil Stoch (POL, Fischer).
Ski Flying World Championship, Vikersund (NOR):
1. Robert Kranjec
SLO 217.5 244.0 408.7
2. Rune Velta
NOR 217.5 234.5 405.7
3. Martin Koch
AUT 218.0 243.0 386.2
4. Severin Freund
GER 210.5 208.5 372.6
5. Daiki Ito
JPN 206.0 219.0 365.2
6. Andreas Kofler
AUT 228.0 216.0 364.2
7. Anders Bardal
NOR 212.0 203.5 360.3
8. Thomas Morgenstern
AUT 199.5 212.5 360.2
9. Richard Freitag
GER 210.0 212.0 356.3
10. Kamil Stoch
POL 191.0 211.5 353.9
11. Roman Koudelka
CZE 189.5 210.0 342.4
12. Jurij Tepes
SLO 235.5 198.0 342.0
14. Simon Ammann
SUI 203.0 180.0 328.8
15. Janne Happonen
FIN 215.0 194.5 328.2