Anders Bardal (NOR)
Rune Velta (NOR)
Vegard Haukoe Sklett (NOR)
Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT)
Andreas Kofler (AUT)


Norwegian skijumping team celebrated victory in team competition from large hill in Willingen. They won 23 points ahead of Austria, Germany finished third.
Fannemel, Velta and Sklett made a gap
Early in the competiton the Austrians dropped behind after shorter jumps from Martin Koch and Thomas Morgenstern (AUT, both Fischer), the Norwegians Anders Fannemel, Rune Velta and Vegard Haukoe Sklett (all NOR, Fischer) were much better. More and more Andreas Kofler and Gregor Schlierenzauer (both AUT, Fischer) shortened the gap - especially when Anders Bardal (NOR, Fischer) came in only seventh in his fourth group. So the Austrians were less than ten points behind before the final round.

Norwegians extend their lead
In the final round Martin Koch wasn't in his best shape but the final decision was made after the third group with Sklett and Morgenstern. At the end the Norwegians secured victory 23 points ahead of Austria. "Our win was a great team effort. For sure, it’s great to do as well as we did today and to have a lead before the next competitions. But there are still four competitions left and so nothing is decided yet. For tomorrow’s individual competition I just hope I’ll be able to jump as well as today and achieve a good result", Rune Velta said. Local heroes from Germany was ranked third although they had to compensate shorter jumps from Maximilian Mechler. But the three Fischer-jumpers Andreas Wank, Severin Freund and Richard Freitag did it and made a podium at their home hill. In both rounds Freund was the best athlete in his third group.
Teamwettkampf, Willingen (GER):
1. Fannemel Anders
NOR 133.5 124.5 999.2
1. Velta Rune
NOR 135.5 127.0 999.2
1. Sklett Vegard Haukoe
NOR 139.5 138.5 999.2
1. Bardal Anders
NOR 133.5 134.5 999.2
2. Koch Martin
AUT 119.5 123.0 976.3
2. Kofler Andreas
AUT 143.5 129.5 976.3
2. Morgenstern Thomas
AUT 133.5 131.0 976.3
2. Schlierenzauer Gregor
AUT 138.0 137.0 976.3
3. Mechler Maximilian
GER 118.0 118.0 963.7
3. Wank Andreas
GER 135.0 134.5 963.7
3. Freund Severin
GER 145.5 138.0 963.7
3. Freitag Richard
GER 129.5 137.5 963.7
4. Kasai Noriaki
JPN 120.0 128.0 961.8
4. Tochimoto Shohei
JPN 123.0 124.5 961.8
4. Takeuchi Taku
JPN 145.5 138.5 961.8
4. Ito Daiki
JPN 134.5 138.0 961.8