Jiri Rocarek (CZE)
Jiri Rocarek (CZE)
Sigrid Mutscheller (GER)
Arne Post (NOR)
Jenny Jansson (SWE), Susanne Nystroem (SWE), Seraina Boner (SUI) (l-r)


In very icy conditions in Oberammergau (GER) the athletes of the FISCHER SUBARU Racing Team succeeded once more. After Jiri Rocarek (CZE, Fischer skis, boots and poles) and Sigrid Mutscheller (GER, Fischer skis and boots) already claimed victory at the long distance in free technique on Saturday, the Czech finished on top of the podium ahead of three more team and brand colleagues on Sunday again.
On the womens side in the FIS Marathon Cup race on Sunday over 50 kilometre in classical style Jenny Hansson (SWE, Fischer) and Seraina Boner (SUI, Fischer) only had to accept defeat against their team mate Susanne Nystroem (SWE) and finished in second and third place. Kjetil Jagtvedt Dammen (NOR, Fischer), Arne Post (NOR, Fischer skis and boots), who was in the lead for a long time, and Thomas Henriksen (NOR, Fischer skis and boots) secured fifth, seventh and eighth place in the mens race.

König Ludwig Lauf 50km FT Men
     Name              Nation Time
1. ROCAREK Jiri  CZE     2:15:29.5  Fischer Subaru Racing Team
2. PUMP Carsten  GER    2:19:23.6
3. SANDOZ Daniel SUI    2:19:28.2
4. KRIZ Jan           CZE   2:20:38.3  Fischer Subaru Racing Team

König Ludwig Lauf 50km FT Women
     Name                          Nation Time
1. MUTSCHELLER Sigrid GER    2:36:27.9 Fischer Subaru Racing Team
2. DAMGAARD Ingrid        NOR   2:46:53.9
3. BASELGIA Manuela      SUI    2:57:17.0

König Ludwig Lauf 23km FT Men
     Name                     Nation Time
1. NOVOTNY Viktor   CZE     0:55:16.7 Fischer Subaru Racing Team
2. RATH Tobias          GER    0:55:17.0
3. BENEDIKT Bernhard GER    0:55:18.1
4. ESCHER Toni          GER    0:55:44.7  Fischer Subaru Racing Team
5. SLECHTA Daniel    CZE    0:58:21.3  Fischer Subaru Racing Team
König Ludwig Lauf 23 km CT Men:
1. Jiri Rocarek
CZE 00:59:42.9
2. Josef Wenzl
GER 01:01:40.1
3. Daniel Slechta
CZE 01:01:43.5
4. Viktor Novotny
CZE 01:01:54.5
6. Toni Escher
GER 01:02:56.8
König Ludwig Lauf 50 km CT Women:
1. Susanne Nystroem
SWE 02:36:18.2
2. Jenny Hansson
SWE 02:36:22.5
3. Seraina Boner
SUI 02:38:20.4
5. Stephanie Santer
ITA 02:44:06.5
8. Antonella Confortola Wyatt
ITA 02:48:19.8
9. Elodie Bourgeois Pin
FRA 02:51:03.3
10. Valentina Shevchenko
UKR 02:52:24.9
König Ludwig Lauf 50 km CT Men:
1. Stanislav Rezac
CZE 02:16:35.5
2. Jerry Ahrlin
SWE 02:16:35.6
3. Joergen Aukland
NOR 02:16:36.8
5. Kjetil Hagtvedt Dammen
NOR 02:16:38.8
7. Arne Post
NOR 02:16:40.3
8. Thomas Magne Henriksen
NOR 02:16:42.4