Akito Watabe (JPN)
Mikko Kokslien (NOR)
Akito Watabe (JPN)


Akito Watabe (JPN, Fischer skis and boots) celebrated his first World Cup victory ever in Val di Fiemme. He won ahead of Mikko Kokslien (NOR, Fischer skis and boots).
Great performance of Watabe
He already was in the lead after the ski jump und showed a good race in skiing, too: Akito Watabe from Japan. He was 20 seconds ahead after ski jump from long hill in Predazzo. When a larger group came in contact with Watabes chasing group the gap between the leader and the group was round about one minute. Then the group shortened the gap more and more. At the end of the race Akito Watabe crossed the line three seconds ahead of the Norwegian Mikko Kokslien and secured his first World Cup victory ever. On the last of four laps the chasing group was torn apart. The German Fischer athletes showed a good race but in the final stretch Johannes Rydzek as well as Eric Frenzel (both GER, Fischer) missed the podium shortly and finished fourth and fifth.
Gundersen, Val di Fiemme (ITA):
1. Akito Watabe
JPN 00.28.27,80
2. Mikko Kokslien
NOR 00.28.30,00
3. Bill Demong
USA 00.28.30,80
4. Johannes Rydzek
GER 00.28.35,70
5. Eric Frenzel
GER 00.28.41,30
6. Tino Edelmann
GER 00.28.45,90
7. Bryan Fletcher
USA 00.28.46,60
8. Jason Lamy Chappuis
FRA 00.28.55,90
9. Wilhelm Denifl
AUT 00.28.57,50
10. Sebastien Lacroix
FRA 00.29.10,70
11. Jan Schmid
NOR 00.29.11,10
12. Jörgen Graabak
NOR 00.29.11,30
13. Bernhard Gruber
AUT 00.29.11,80
14. Taylor Fletcher
USA 00.29.19,00
15. Mario Stecher
AUT 00.29.19,50