Magdalena Neuner (GER)
Olga Zaitseva (RUS), Magdalena Neuner (GER), Darya Domracheva (BLR) (l-r)
Darya Domracheva (BLR)
Tora Berger (NOR), Kaisa Mäkäräinen (FIN) (l-r)
Arnd Peiffer (GER)
Arnd Peiffer (GER)


Magdalena Neuner (GER, Fischer skis and boots) claimed another victory in women's pursuit in Oslo after winning the sprint race. Darya Domracheva (BLR, Fischer skis and boots) finished third. Arnd Peiffer (GER, Fischer) secured victory in men's pursuit with a comfortable lead.
"It was just beautiful!"
Magdalena Neuner did it again: The Bavarian held the lead from the start and secured victory in pursuit with a large 36 seconds gap ahead of the second placer. Neuner picked up two penalties but her biggest opponents Darya Domracheva and Tora Berger (NOR, Fischer skis, boots and poles) also missed two and three targets and finished third and fourth. "Today's race was a bit playfully. I didn't feel well with my respiratory system but in skiing it went well. After the last standing stage it was just beautiful!", stated Neuner. Fifth went to Kaisa Mäkäräinen (FIN, Fischer skis and boots) with one penalty followed by Olga Vilukhina (RUS, Fischer). Veronika Vitkova (CZE, Fischer skis and boots) came in ninth ahead ofTina Bachmann (GER, Fischer skis and boots).

Victory without penalty
Arnd Peiffer was able to celebrate his second season's win. The basis to his success was his clear shooting. The biathlete from Upper Harz could ski slowly in the last metres because his lead was with more than 30 seconds big enough. Jakov Fak (SLO, Fischer) came in fifth, Evgeny Ustyugov (RUS, Fischer skis and boots) finished seventh.
Women Pursuit, Oslo (NOR):
1. Magdalena Neuner
GER 2 00.30.31,10
2. Olga Zaitseva
RUS 0 00.31.07,60
3. Darya Domracheva
BLR 2 00.31.22,50
4. Tora Berger
NOR 3 00.31.36,90
5. Kaisa Mäkäräinen
FIN 3 00.31.40,10
6. Olga Vilukhina
RUS 1 00.32.09,50
7. Marie Laure Brunet
FRA 1 00.32.13,00
8. Marie Dorin Habert
FRA 4 00.32.30,00
9. Veronika Vitkova
CZE 1 00.32.31,30
10. Tina Bachmann
GER 3 00.32.37,50
11. Andrea Henkel
GER 1 00.32.38,80
12. Franziska Hildebrand
GER 0 00.32.57,80
13. Anna Boulygina
RUS 2 00.33.02,50
14. Mari Laukkanen
FIN 1 00.33.08,80
15. Anna Karin Stroemstedt
SWE 2 00.33.22,20
Men Pursuit, Oslo (NOR):
1. Arnd Peiffer
GER 0 00.31.44,00
2. Emil Hegle Svendsen
NOR 2 00.32.15,20
3. Evgeniy Garanichev
RUS 2 00.32.20,30
4. Martin Fourcade
FRA 1 00.32.47,00
5. Jakov Fak
SLO 2 00.32.52,00
6. Tim Burke
USA 0 00.32.52,80
7. Evgeny Ustyugov
RUS 2 00.32.53,20
8. Florian Graf
GER 1 00.33.14,70
9. Michal Slesingr
CZE 2 00.33.29,50
10. Ole Einar Bjoerndalen
NOR 4 00.33.30,20
11. Andreas Birnbacher
GER 2 00.33.30,70
12. Lowell Bailey
USA 3 00.33.32,30
13. Brendan Green
CAN 2 00.33.43,90
14. Benjamin Weger
SUI 2 00.33.47,40
15. Christian De Lorenzi
ITA 2 00.33.48,10