Cristian De Lorenzi, Markus Windisch, Dominik Windisch, Lukas Hofer (ITA) (l-r)
Markus Windisch (ITA)
Evgeny Ustyugov (RUS)


The Italians with Markus and Dominik Windisch (both ITA, Fischer) claimed victory in men's relay at biathlon World Cup in Oberhof. They won the stormy race ahead of Russia and Sweden.
Only five spare rounds
The Italians showed especially a great shooting performance on a very stormy day in Oberhof with only five spare rounds while the Russians shot two penalties. In the beginning it looked not so good for team Italy who were already 50 seconds behind at the first exchange. Markus Windisch started to catch up the gap and his team mates continued with a great race. "It was tough physically on the tracks and mentally on the shooting range; you needed some luck. I am still not sure where some of my shots went, but it obviously finished well for me", said Windisch.

Ustyugov lost nearly two minutes
For a long time the Russians with Evgeny Ustyugov (RUS, Fischer skis and boots) and Alexey Volkov (RUS, Fischer) were on the road to victory two minutes ahead of the others after five shootings. But then Evgeny Ustyugov shot it down and had to ski two penalties - their coach could only shake the head. The gap was shortened to 30 seconds but increased to 43 seconds until the last exchange. Alexey Volkov wasn't able to keep the gap against the fast Italian Hofer and Russia came in second a few seconds behind Italy. "The weather had a big influence. Some of us were luckier than others—the conditions were tough for everyone", said Volkov. Sweden with Fischer-biathletes Tobias Arwidson (SWE, Fischer skis and boots), Björn Ferry (SWE, Fischer skis and boots) and Fredrik Lindström (SWE, Fischer skis and boots) finished third.
Men relay, Oberhof (GER):
1. Christian De Lorenzi
ITA 0+0 0+1 1:30:49.1
1. Markus Windisch
ITA 0+0 0+1 1:30:49.1
1. Dominik Windisch
ITA 0+1 0+1 1:30:49.1
1. Lukas Hofer
ITA 0+0 0+1 1:30:49.1
2. Anton Shipulin
RUS 0+0 0+2 1:30:55.2
2. Evgeniy Garanichev
RUS 0+2 0+3 1:30:55.2
2. Evgeny Ustyugov
RUS 0+0 2+3 1:30:55.2
2. Alexey Volkov
RUS 0+2 0+1 1:30:55.2
3. Tobias Arwidson
SWE 0+0 0+0 1:31:21.8
3. Björn Ferry
SWE 0+0 0+1 1:31:21.8
3. Lindström Fredrik
SWE 0+0 0+1 1:31:21.8
3. Carl Johan Bergman
SWE 0+3 0+1 1:31:21.8
4. Simon Schempp
GER 0+1 0+2 1:31:52.2
4. Andreas Birnbacher
GER 0+0 0+3 1:31:52.2
4. Florian Graf
GER 1+3 0+2 1:31:52.2
4. Arnd Peiffer
GER 0+0 0+3 1:31:52.2